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Title: Blurred Lines (As Applied To Forum Advertising)
Post by: chilese on November 11, 2013, 05:21 PM
     This Foum has long been centered on dual-line kites. Sure, there are quads and SLKs in the text here, but it's about 2 lines. The Forum has been a springboard for the boutiques to get their quality and/or new products off the ground (pun intended).

     Dreamweaver, Katana, Icarus, Sturdy Kites, Viper Kites, The Machine, Lam's Kites.....the list is long. Many of the small kite shops have come and gone, to include AeroStar and Blue Moon. Think of all the good press Lam gets when the Kool-Aid drinkers get their hands on yet another version of some vented-SUL-mid-standard with an extra set of claws. As far as I know, Lam has never directly advertised. And yet no one comes on to say Lam is skating.

     I suppose itís my own fault. I let a direct link to another kite seller stay when it should have been deleted. Steve has only had 1 hard and fast rule. No direct links. That rule was made when GWTW sold a lot of kites and didnít even have advertising on the side. But the rule still stands and should be followed.

     I admire the enthusiasm people have for specific kitemakers. Personally, I have always been partial to Ken McNeillís kites. Others prefer Lamís or Willís or whatever the latest French kite world saver is. So keep on supporting your favorite kiteperson. Support them with a purchase too. Words are nice, but money helps them keep their sewing machines humming.

     The link that brought this tirade up has been removed, and rightly so. Tim will continue to get extremely good press here. He should and will. The Forum is very mature, too mature. Iíd love to field a few more newbie questions on what is the best SUL and why does the wind mostly flow toward the sun. I miss the enthusiasm in others and in myself at times.

Title: Re: Blurred Lines (As Applied To Forum Advertising)
Post by: chilese on November 11, 2013, 08:52 PM
Yes he did. And that's why we have more than 1 moderator.

The team can make better decisions than 1 person.

I'll attempt to do better for you Norm.  :)

Title: Re: Blurred Lines (As Applied To Forum Advertising)
Post by: misterbleepy on November 11, 2013, 10:44 PM
I apologise for posting the direct link - I honestly thought that as Steve only sold Prism kites now, and because the kite in question is only available from one place, that the direct link would be OK.

I was wrong, sorry.

Keith B.

Title: Re: Blurred Lines (As Applied To Forum Advertising)
Post by: mikenchico on November 14, 2013, 02:10 AM
The few times I removed a link per forum policy I always edited the post to retain mention of the retailer or kite maker. Steve had often mentioned to me that he encouraged people dealing first with their local store, he was happy filling needs that they didn't, and that a strong and viable kite industry was beneficial to his own business.

Bottom line IMO is go ahead and mention the store or builder, just leave the www off and let people google it to go to the site.

Earlier the Google, Yahoo & Bing bots that cruised and indexed the internet did so largely by following and counting links, those links moved the site linked to up in the search results and consequently could have moved Steve's down. Today the top 2-5 hits are "Sponsored" and the search engines can keep track of many more metrics.

Now that there isn't a store supporting The Forum your support of the retailers whose advertisements you see on the right, when your local retailer can't, helps support The Forum. They're all excellent shops, and a mention that you saw their advertisement on the GWTW Forum will let them know their advertising dollars are being well spent and encourage their continued support.