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Title: Shockwave Card Games
Post by: chilese on June 20, 2009, 12:43 PM
I have several casino style card games developed and would like to put them on a website to show potential buyers and/or advertisers. My programming skills are non-existent. Is this something I could do with a "Shockwave For Dummies" type book? Or is there another program I could use?

I don't want a site which accepts money, just the ability to play card games realistically.

Here is a game which is very successful in the casinos. It was done in Shockwave for the web browsers. Play the game a few times. Aces drop down from the 2 upper hands if they improve the payoff of the bottom game. You play the bottom hand as regular draw poker, but Aces are extremely important to hold on to.

Thanks. (