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Title: Hi-Flyer "Buzzard" ?
Post by: OddEddie on May 29, 2018, 02:17 PM
Newbie here, although Im cant say Im an avid kite flyer I do enjoy it with the grandkids once in awhile :)
Does anyone have info on this kite? Ive searched everywhere but to no avail. It came from a friends basement, late 60s or early 70s probably. I attached a pic of the hang card (to lazy to unroll the kite) Any help would be appreciated

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Title: Re: Hi-Flyer "Buzzard" ?
Post by: Roger on May 29, 2018, 06:24 PM
Most likely this is from the early 80's when deltas became popular. Note the Damon name on your tag; they bought Hi-Flier in the early 70's. (A short search of 'Damon Buzzard Kite' failed to turn up any good info on the model.)

Can't count how many 10 cent paper bowed-diamond Hi-Fliers I bought & flew to destruction in the 60's. Great fun of the simple kind! You may still find some of these early kites for sale on the interweb. :)

Here's a nice summary of Hi-Fliers.
Hi-Flier Kites: An Appreciation (
...Later on, Hi-Flier produced a number of interesting kites, all of them in plastic. By the early 1980s, plastic delta kites had become the rage, and paper bow kites gradually went into eclipse. Keep in mind that after the Decatur operation ceased and "Hi-Flier" was reduced to being a brand name licensed to other toy manufacturers, the name was applied to lots of other species of toys, including marbles and yoyos. ...