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Title: WOW Indoor Fun Fly and Annual Meeting - November 14th
Post by: jsking on October 13, 2009, 12:59 PM
It's on again, gang!! We'll be holding another indoor fun fly event on Saturday, November 14th, from Noon to 6:00 PM. This is a one day event and will be at the same location as our previous indoor sessions: Bay Area Community Church in Crownsville, MD. If you have no indoor experience but would like to give it a try, come on out! Novices welcome! I'd also encourage the experienced fliers to actually fly full routines over just practicing, but what the hey, practice is fine, too! We'll be exercising a smidge more control over the floor this time out, so things don't get too crazy with multiple fliers getting in each others' way out there.
WOW will also take time out for about 45 minutes, give or take, to hold our annual meeting and elections. We'll try to keep it short & sweet so as to not impact the flying too much. Of course, any non-members attending will be free to continue flying while we take care of the meeting. (Veteran members of WOW will note we're changing our usual venue for the annual meeting in light of recent years' challenges at Lake Fairfax Park. While we considered several other locations, the most compelling factors for holding the meeting in conjuction with the indoor were the timing of the indoor (falling at annual meeting time and sufficient time for getting out the notice) and the "weather safe" indoor venue). Also, please note that if you do not renew your WOW membership by October 31st, you may not participate in the meeting/election.
The same conditions as before will apply for participation in the Indoor Fun Fly:  ALL fliers will be required to sign the standard AKA waiver form for participation, and participants will be responsible for ante-ing their share of the church's usage fee, which for us is $70 per day. Unfortunately we cannot make participation free. So as an example, based on that figure, calculate $10 each if there are seven fliers....more if less fliers, less if more fliers.
The space is roughly the size of a school gymnasium. Also note (important), the ceiling is approximately 30 feet high, however there is a lighting and A-V bank hanging down on one side to approximately 20 feet high. Based on our experience flying here, we recommend using 12-foot or shorter lines. (You can probably get away with 15-foot lines, if careful, but you'll certainly be safe with 12', unless you're very, very tall.)

Bay Area Community Church is at 884 Chesterfield Road, Annapolis, MD. Despite the Annapolis address, it's actually closer to Crownsville, just near the Maryland Renaissance Festival grounds. (

For our regional sister clubs and kiting friends who see this, you are more than welcome to come join us!

If there is any change to these plans, you will be notified. Hope to see you all there!
One last reminder: The common WOW membership expiration date is August 31st. If you haven't sent in your membership renewal, please do so ASAP! You're overdue!