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Title: Kite Party - Friday
Post by: Allen Carter on March 12, 2010, 07:10 PM
Hello from Kite Party!

I think the move to March was a good idea. Best weather & wind we've ever had on a KP Friday. Couldn't have been much better.

A few notes before I poop out.

the 6 person iQuad looks GREAT!

The Wakeless Kites stacks are very cool.

Some nice pink kites.

Big, big hit of the day was Jon Trennephol's new Skyburner prototype. A number of people really liked it. A 7' kite that flies nice but is tricky as hell. An excellent all around kite. Low pull, fairly quick, but not unstable. Jon used the Nighthawk as a starting point which makes good sense, then scaled the basic shape up by 10% or so. It looks curvier than I remember the NH. Real pretty sail shape.

It's a testament to Jon's skill and enormous experience that this thing is a first proto with only one mod so far. Inner standoffs were moved in about 1/4". Pretty hard to find major faults. I want one. No name so far. You could call it the "I got bored last week and took the Nighthawk plans to Kinkos..."

The new Kite Connection shop looks great. Dave is finally settling in for the long haul (after like 20 years in business...)  :)

Title: Re: Kite Party - Friday
Post by: ko on March 12, 2010, 10:19 PM
(  this is the kite and it ROCKS

Title: Re: Kite Party - Friday
Post by: fidelio on March 13, 2010, 01:18 AM
somehow i missed meeting both of you guys today. :-[
an admission though, i was awfully caught up in the fantastic wind! i just couldn't put my kite down.

hopefully another chance to fly jon t's "new flame" will come my way. the few minutes i spent with it i enjoyed.