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Title: Trlby 3 Stack - Black and white checkered border with solid center
Post by: joedy on June 11, 2010, 03:01 PM
Thanks to Charly, I now have a Trlby 3-stack that features a black and white checkered border with solid center. Neither Charly nor myself have ever seen a Trlby with such a sail pattern.

This is a NOS kit and it is printed, "Made In The USA" on the label. However, when I opened the kite sails to inspect the color pattern, I noticed a, "Made in Taiwan," label sewn on the back of one of the sails.

I have a two Peter Powell kites that feature strapping tape, tubing for frame joiners and a protruded tail tube fitting that holds the tube tail in place. The Trlby kites are made differently with L-bends and T-bends for the frame construction. The tube tails are carried by the vertical spar with a clear flap holed out.

Since I never owned a Trlby until now, I assumed that they were made in the same fashion as the Peter Powells were.

Were Peter Powell kites a knock-off of Trlby's with parts easily accessible at the time? Or are the two different building constructions a reflection of a modification in the building process?

Thanks for your help.

Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Title: Re: Trlby 3 Stack - Black and white checkered border with solid center
Post by: mikenchico on June 11, 2010, 09:55 PM
The Peter Powell's were on the market long before TRLBY began making kites, I'm sure the Powell design was looked at during the design phase of the TRLBY but the TRLBY is so significantly different that other then the basic shape and tail I don't think there was much influence. Powell's have spars in the leading edge in conjunction with a spreader more reminiscent of a delta type design while the TRLBY is based more off a mixture of an Indian Fighter and Eddy Kite design, although both present a standard Eddy Diamond shape. The Rainbows, Dyna Kites, Hyper Kites & Mirage of the same period carried far more influence from the Powell design which pre-dated them all.

I was bigger fan of the TRLBY then the Powell, TRLBY's flew in our local low winds, to date I've never seen a Peter Powell kite fly although I believe the Powell may be a more accurate flier based off the design features.

TRLBY was a great company to work with, when the call went out during the first Gulf war for sporting goods for the troops gathering in Kuwait we thought we might try to send some kites, they immediatly responded to our inquiry with an offer to provide as many as we wanted at slightly below wholesale price, alas we were unable to find enough sponsers to fund the attempt past a few kites, which we went ahead and purchased at retail.

The Peter Powell was the first dual line kite to receive widespread distribution, it also won an award for Toy of the Year on introduction, Peter Powell was instrumental in popularizing kite flying as a sport not just for children, and was involved in the very first competition for Sport Kites. His influence shaped the beginning of the sport.

Title: Re: Trlby 3 Stack - Black and white checkered border with solid center
Post by: kiteking on June 11, 2010, 10:43 PM
I would like to see pictures of the Trlby

1826  George Pocock, invented the 2 line kite

In World War II, Paul Garber, a U.S. Navy Commander, created the Target Kite, a large steerable Diamond was used for target practice and aircraft recognition at sea.

2 line steerable kites for the general public didn't appear until the 60s.
the first production stunt kite was named the Glite, On sale in 1967.

Peter Powell Stunt Kite was developed in 1972

then came these, I just dont know the order

Flexifoils (early 70's)

Rainbows ( (tube has a copyright of 1984)





Title: Re: Trlby 3 Stack - Black and white checkered border with solid center
Post by: Charly on June 13, 2010, 03:31 PM
Hello Joedy,
  I toild you that this place was a great source of info. and tips.  Like I said before I use to work in kite shops and even co-owned one for a while when Trlby was still making these kites.  I don't remember ever seeing a nylon Trlby with a white and black checkered border around the outside of the kites.  I have no doubt that that 3 pack is a factory made 3 pack.  It is identical to all of the others, except it is multi-colored instead of the usual solid colored version.  You got the last 3 pack I had left.  I do still have a few singles and add-on's if you want to add to your 3 pack.

Take Care

Title: Re: Trlby 3 Stack - Black and white checkered border with solid center
Post by: normofthenorth on June 13, 2010, 09:57 PM
I'm a pioneer! I bought a Glite, then a Peter Powell (though it has a different name on it), then a Trlby! One of each, I bought. Then I bought an India Fighter Kite, and flew it to destruction. Then I took a break for a few decades and didn't fly kites much. By the time I returned, BOTH kinds of kites had gone all high-tech on me!!