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Title: What parts should I have?
Post by: pksmitty on June 14, 2010, 10:35 AM
New flyer here.  I only get out a couple times a year, when I get to the beach (Ocean City, MD).  I have a Premier Vision and Nighthawk.  Last time out with my sons, we broke the upper leading edge on the nighthawk.  So, I need a new one.  It looks like the skyshark P2 (.255 OD) is the right piece.  How do I cut it to length?  Hacksaw, razor knife, scroll saw?

Also, what spare parts should I have with me when I fly?  Is the Prism field repair kit worth buying, or does it have a bunch of parts I'll never use?  Should I put together a field kit myself?

I know this is a bunch of questions for a first post, but I'd rather do it right the first time I order.  Thanks for helping!

Title: Re: What parts should I have?
Post by: chilese on June 14, 2010, 11:06 AM
Welcome to the Forum.

You ask very good questions.

Personally, I don't take spare parts to the field, I take spare kites. Use your time at the field flying and fix your kites when you get home and have a good flat surface, all your tools, parts and time.

Spars can be cut with a fine-tooth saw or dremel tool. Tightly wrap the area to be cut with an easily removable tape centered on the cut. Use very little pressure and let the saw do the cutting. After you cut and remove the tape, lightly sand to put a small bevel on the end.

When you order parts, order a few spares as well. When I first started, if a spar broke, I ordered 6. Excessive, yes, but after a few years, I now have a nice supply of sticks right in the repair bin.

Others will add more.  :)

Title: Re: What parts should I have?
Post by: mikenchico on June 14, 2010, 12:05 PM
I believe the Nighthawk uses P100's which are no longer in production, Steve might have a few though, the good news is the new P1X is a direct replacement but even better. Send Steve here at GWTW/Chico Kites an email and he can probably confirm that size. Some used P90's for the spreaders some used P100's.

I have no idea on the Vision & Premier is very secretive about their products to the point they don't even want you to see them. Maybe Steve can get those specs too.

Order a couple extra spars & an extra ferrel or two, most Skysharks use the same, maybe two shorts for leading edges and a long for the center T. A bit of 1/4 inch inside diameter vinyl or rubber tubing from the hardware store, that you can split to glue over a tube when a C-Clip breaks or work over the tube if replacing a spar. Maybe a couple sizes of the Safety Nocks (, you don't have to glue them on the field, just slip them on and replace them with the proper one when you get home.

Tools and supplies needed, a foot of Tedlar Tape for sail repairs, some Super Glue, the Gel type is best for our purposes on the field. A FINE tooth hacksaw blade is OK for cutting spars, a Dremel is better, just go slow and rotate the tube with the hacksaw, don't try to cut straight through you'll split it. You really should have a Sleeving Tool and sleeving in case you need to repair or balance your lines, I see Steve has the Prism Kit ( that comes with wires and everything, have Steve send a couple feet of extra sleeving at 15 cents, you can reuse those wires.  Some scissors, maybe a razor blade or X-acto knife. Some blue painters masking tape can help with cutting spars and doing a sail repair by super glue or Tedlar, tape one side of the sail with it to hold the fabric in place, then do your repair on the other side.  A marking pen to mark lines if balancing them. A bit of Bridle Line to replace frayed or cut tension lines. Oh and a lighter to seal line & sleeving ends.

For field repairs that'll do you, I don't even carry that much anymore. I used to carry more and never used it so I lightened the bag. Since fittings and nocks are not standard you need dozens and are you really going to sew anything on the field?


Title: Re: What parts should I have?
Post by: indigo_wolf on June 14, 2010, 01:41 PM
I have no idea on the Vision & Premier is very secretive about their products to the point they don't even want you to see them. 

 :D  :D  :o  :o  ???  ???  :(  :(  :'(  :'(

There are some Premier kites that I really like, but sadly.... truer words have probably never been spoken.

On the flip side, HQ has a habit of releasing kites and never letting anyone know.  The powerkite division being a notable exception.


Title: Re: What parts should I have?
Post by: Gamelord on June 14, 2010, 03:03 PM
Just to add a correction - P100's are still being made and are still available.  Skyshark does have the new P1X available, but it did not replace the P100's.  In fact, all of the P-series rods are still available.  P90's, 100's, 200's, 300's and 400's are still current production products from Skyshark and are available for purchase.

Your local kite shop and this forum's owner ( ( should be able to get you any P-series rods that you may need.

Title: Re: What parts should I have?
Post by: RobB on June 15, 2010, 04:04 AM
I find that the more spare parts I have on hand, the less likely I am to break anything. Works for me...

And I also agree with John, bring plenty of kites, or buy some while you're there. Don't waste time out in the field trying to fix a broken kite, the repair is never as good, anyway.

Title: Re: What parts should I have?
Post by: pksmitty on June 15, 2010, 05:06 AM
Awesome info.  Thanks a lot!  I'll be putting together an order today.