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Title: Silver Fox 2.3 vs. Hypnotist
Post by: kitechick on August 15, 2010, 11:14 AM
Its been a while since I've done some serious flying. I was out flying my SF 2.3 this weekend, and I was having trouble with it being twitchy. Then someone lent me a hypnotist, and I loved it. It was slower and more controlled than my SF - exactly what I needed to recall the tricks I lost.

I used to be so happy with my SF, so I'm wondering if maybe I just need to make some adjustments to it? I have it on the turbo bridle setting, so I could try moving it back to the 3 point setting. Could I have the tension or weight wrong? I did add some weight to the tail. I'd like to be happy with my SF again instead of spending money on a new kite.

Is the SF just a twitchy kite, or can I improve upon it? Is the Hypnotist a slower kite?

I also saw a Premier Widow I liked the looks of, sigh.


Title: Re: Silver Fox 2.3 vs. Hypnotist
Post by: Dolphinboy on August 15, 2010, 11:33 PM
The Silver Fox is a slow well behaved kite. Not very twitchy or overly sensitive. I'd check the bridle & make sure all the beads are set for the Turbo. If it's correct, switch it to 3pt and see what you think. When I had one, I mostly used the 3 point but now I don't remember why that was. ::) If the weight you added was more than the stock weight, that could be it too.

I have flown them both but not back to back. My recollection is that the SF 2.3 is slower than the Hypnotist. They are both pretty fun to fly & trick. One of the biggest differences is the Back flip. The Hypno takes more effort to go back and won't stay on it's back once it's there. The SF will sit in the Turtle position well. The Hypno Flic Flacs super easy though. As long as you have the wind, you can do quite a bit with your SF.