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Title: Strobe Used At Roller Derby
Post by: chilese on May 09, 2011, 01:35 AM

Bought the Nikon SB-900 strobe (ouch).
And a lot of AA batteries. I need some new NiMH as those throwaways aren't worth the bother, but they were what I used.

With about 5 minutes to actually practice with the strobe, I ended up shooting with the built-in diffuser in place and the strobe pointed at the skaters. The ceiling was angled and about 40 feet up, so bounce wasn't going to work. Without the diffuser, the lighting was way too harsh.

I didn't have time to try the diffuser cap (included with the strobe), which probably would have done a better job than the diffuser flip-down screen.

Set the shutter on 1/200th of a second, turned off the vibration reduction, went to Shutter Speed Priority at 1/200th, rear-curtain sync set to on and prayed for the best.

Missed a ton of shots, got lucky a few times, wondered where all those circles of light were coming from in many of the photos and had a great time.

Please offer suggestions and comments. There are shots from the previous roller derby game where I simply used the builtin strobe. In some ways, I liked some of those shots better.

I am open here people. Shooting with a strobe is way out of my comfort zone. Please educate me.  :)

Title: Re: Strobe Used At Roller Derby
Post by: thief on May 09, 2011, 02:38 AM favorite:

looks like she hit the rail hard enough that she lost her helmet!

even the guy in the background says it was a hard hit!