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Title: Thanks to everyone for the help ... no video
Post by: vertigo2u on July 24, 2011, 07:48 AM
Well competition at Branch County went well.  I got shocked to find out I needed to fly an Octagon shape,,,Opps!!! :o    Vertigo figured No Way on Octie.... Wrong ! :-\ :'( .............  I never practiced it... Thought it would be a wedge shape... Made it through o.k. in the end.

Temp's were in the 90's... glad I spent the night in high temp's and No Wind.  Saturday almost a mirror of the night before at the beach...  Everyone was in wind...

During "Free-Style" I attempted 540's twice and backed off.. ( chicken S$%^%$)
After lunch they called for Ballet and still windless.  Flags barely moved.

No time to cry   :'( :'( :'( :'(

They started Nina on the loud speaker's and we took off.  Crashed almost right away trying a quick axel.  (  Felt my throat tighten... then seized the day )

Felt a touch of wind and started to dance with Nina... Slow movements aaand nice flat axels took my time and relaxed a lot... Had to work the window without any air.. but continued to fly well.  Then the moment came 540 time... Went to the sky on 125' and dove with little pull from the wind.  Keep my arms more in front and near the end I pulled back and got a tad of speed. Threw my arms forward and snapped the right wrist back... Pop !! she started to spin ever so slowly and I could feel myself extended ..I could hear Obi, Weldon,Chico,RonB, Randyg telling me to relax... I read the comments before I left yesterday morning for the 2.5 hr.

"...snap that kite when it's flat..don't let the nose flare..quick movements..." .  Everything was working.  Wind was ever so gentle and the music and timing were there.   So was everyone who has supported me..right there in the moment..

AS my Widow Maker ul floated I saw that my lines were not in the way and everything was a "go".  I pulled back and up she went.  I flew around some more did left and right axels with much more control.  Waiting till it almost stalled and poped a couple more smooth axels...  That night over still water sure prepared me for the day.. I went back to the top, wind was almost gone and I feared not.  As I dove downward I could again feel my confidence soar as my head felt the support of many... No room for error and as it came closer to the moment I thought about my feet.  No long movement... start with right foot and then left and extend.  She flared and began to spin much flatter than the last one.  I gave slack and watched as she floated 540 degree's in a wind of maybe 2 mph.  Pulled back as Nina continued to sing.  She had a spell on me for sure.. 

 The music was winding down and it was time to set up a nice landing.  I came in close to the ground, pulled one line she spun quickly and laid her down...

Inside I knew it was a good performance with the things I wanted to accomplish.... 

I have to tell all... the mental support I get from this site is second to none.  I have two tricks to learn this year.  Jacob's ladder and Cascade.  But I plan on focusing on what John Weldon told me.  Work fade's and flare's  Spend more time on those.  I believe that... and it my goals to improve my Fade's and
Flare's and Turtle's as well as Lazy Susan's.. ( weight has helped a lot, been doing them ever since weight was added Wednesday )

Well enough  :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*     :D :D :D

Vertigo Out !!!  8)

Title: Re: Thanks to everyone for the help ... no video
Post by: Danno419 on July 26, 2011, 10:31 AM
Sounds like you had a great time - and thats what it's all about Vert!

With confidence comes success my friend - keep at it!

Title: Re: Thanks to everyone for the help ... no video
Post by: Allen Carter on July 26, 2011, 11:31 AM
Was that your first comp?  Cool.

My first Ballet I broke a line half way through...  :D