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Title: Jest Of Eve Talon - Special Order
Post by: Gamelord on September 27, 2011, 12:27 PM
With extreme excitement, I am happy to announce that we have struck a deal with Jest Of Eve to carry the Talon in stock for sale into the U.S. Market.

If you have ever wanted to get your hands on one of these awesome kites, now it is easier than ever.  We have a very limited number of Talons coming and are now taking pre-orders on them.  We will have UL's, Standards and Vented's in stock.  These special Talons are being made in four colors.  Ice, Lime, Grape, and Fire.  You can see these exact kites being made on the JoE website. Custom colors can still be ordered directly from Jest Of Eve.

Special introductory price for the Talon is:
Standard:  $320.00
Ultra Light:  345.00
Vented:  385.00

We are offering a GWTW Forum Only Pre-Order special of 10% off and free shipping to U.S. Shipments.  This special price is only available for all pre-orders, once the kites arrive in stock, the price will be as listed above.  No other discounts are allowed.

To pre-order online, click the link below: (
(website is currently being updated)

If ordering online, just enter in the special code below to get your Pre-Order discount.


You can also call our shop to place your order over the phone @ (702) 736-1476

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Title: Re: Jest Of Eve Talon - Special Order
Post by: Gamelord on October 04, 2011, 03:56 PM
We have sold out of the Fire Vented.  We still have other colors available in the Vented but only one Grape Vented left.  We still have standards and UL's available in all colors. :)  Thanks to everyone who has orders thus far.

Title: Re: Jest Of Eve Talon - Special Order
Post by: Gamelord on November 03, 2011, 11:40 AM
Our shipment is on its way.  We should have Talons in stock by this time next week!!!  All orders will be shipped out as soon as the kites arrive.  Anyone who is interested in getting in on the pre-order, the deal will only be available until tomorrow (Friday) so get your orders in quick!

We're totally stoked about having these kites available in the U.S.   Can't wait to see more videos and Talon's out there!  A huge thanks goes out to Mark from JoE for working with us on making this deal happen and another huge thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered.