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Title: When loops were fun.....
Post by: Adamld13 on March 20, 2012, 07:44 PM
Though id put this up just for the heck of it....
This video was taken about 2 years ago, right after i purchased my very first stunt kite, my fire quantum!
And yes i know my launch form is perfect ::) ::)  :D
I didnt know at the time but the wind was so nice and consistent....all weekend long.
You can tell im trying to do some kinda trick....what trick? im not quite sure.
But i do manage to do "somthing" at 1:50. If anybody knows what it is.. id like to know haha.
Also the end is quite funny. While my buddy was gone we rolled the kite up and launched it ready to unroll...we thought this was quite amazing at the time haha.
Either way this video always puts a smile on my face.....Nothing can replace that first flight kinda feeling!

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