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Title: PRism Switch
Post by: Ca Ike on May 02, 2012, 11:50 PM
Got a good chance to try out my new Switch so heres my impressions so far.

OVer view:
Contruction is simple but still well done.  THe printed graphics are good quality printing and I had to really look to try and find any flaws at all but didn't find anything significant.  Transition print on the tail matches the sail very well.  Bridle design is simple yet ingenious.  The upper legs are wrapped around the spine and held in place by a heat shrink stop.  To switch mode just grab the pigtails and pull.  Overall it is on par with the quality prism is known for even on these cheaper models.  NO skimping on rods or fittings.  My only gripe is the line set.  It is the cheapest stuff you can get but for what the kite is it works well, however it will not hold up to too much wrapped flying before it breaks.  I flew it hard for a good 30 min with 10  wraps in 15  mph to get the lines to break so for the type of use this kite will normally get the line set is fine Use them till they wear out then get a decent 30-50# set.  The kite on the other hand, didn't even flinch at the wind, nor did it show any signs of being overpowered/overstressed.

Single Line mode:

Pretty straight forward.  Kite has typical diamond behavior and likes to wander a bit as well as prefers having the tail on.

Dual line mode:

  Being just a simple stunter the capabilities are pretty obvious.  Like diamond shaped stunters before it you have to keep the kite moving and be smooth or you get the oversteer crash.  If the kite stalls in a turn at all you loose some control. Tracking is good and with the right touch corners are nice n sharp but don't expect more than loose precision flying.  It will stall and slide but any tricks are going to be fleeting at best.  MOre experimenting will be needed to see if I can get any kind of  trick but that will just be for the challenge of it.  Overall its a fast fun little kite but I wouldn't pull it out of the bag unless you have good 8 mph winds.

I only found a few things worth noting that might put a flier off.  First is right out of the bag the sail is really tight so its going to be a bit touchy but after a few flights it should "wear in" and smooth out.  I had nylon trilby's that did the same thing when new.  The second thing is if you get a bit aggressive with a turn input the bridle shifts a bit locking in a slight turn, but a good tug on both lines fixes it easily.  Lastly its not all that easy to self launch.  Because of the mini wing tail shape you can't edge launch it like a standard diamond shape that easily.  What I ended up doing was using the tail shape like a stand and launching like a regular trick kite but you have to either stake the straps, hold tension on the lines as you walk back to the straps or weight the tail to keep it from rolling over on edge or flipping tail over nose.

My main reason for looking into this kite is for a stacker project but its a fun little kite anyway you decide to fly it.  IRonically its the loudest kite in my bag but onlookers seemed to like the noise (and the tails).  The last part of the vid is a two stack set up I tested to see how well they fly stacked.  I'll update on the stack as I add to it when more become readily available.  TOo bad there are only 2 color schemes ATM.


Title: Re: PRism Switch
Post by: KSC on May 03, 2012, 12:05 PM
Nice review. Looks like a fun little kite. The wife will love it. She was having a blast doing "loops and turns" on the Hypno, but I don't think she'll be interested in much more than that. The switch will be perfect for her. Just waiting on the next batch of Cold Fusions.

Title: Re: PRism Switch
Post by: DD on May 05, 2012, 03:41 PM
After finally just getting to set mine up to day I can see the novice getting sail punctures trying to get the cross spars out of the center tee.
I'm really curious to see how they handle in a stack

Title: Re: PRism Switch
Post by: Ca Ike on May 05, 2012, 07:56 PM
After finally just getting to set mine up to day I can see the novice getting sail punctures trying to get the cross spars out of the center tee.
I'm really curious to see how they handle in a stack

Last part of my vid is s 2 stack  I'll be adding more as I get ahold of them.  THey have promise as a stacker.

Title: Re: Re: PRism Switch
Post by: timothymcmackin on May 09, 2012, 10:11 AM
Thanks for the review. Seems like the two modes are not just a gimmick, and it really performs well in both.

Bummer that it needs so much wind. I carry an ancient diamond two-liner for when kids want to try a kite, because I have better luck getting them started on diamonds rather than fast, powerful (expensive, breakable) deltas. With 50# line, my loaner diamond is flying reasonably well in a beginner's hands by the time the wind reaches 8mph. If you, as an experienced pilot, don't take out the Switch till 8mph, a first-timer would probably need more wind. (Or were you saying that it's not fast enough for your taste until the wind reaches 8?)

Title: Re: PRism Switch
Post by: Ca Ike on June 05, 2012, 10:23 PM
The switch really needs 8mph to fly well.  Can it fly lower maybe but it really shines in 8-20.