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Title: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: vertigo2u on June 23, 2012, 05:37 PM
After seeing Rob's video and the video linked.  It is time I learn Flick flack.  I worked a lot.  Dive through out pull in out in out in.  Tired.  I left a number of losers.  Almost most were.  I can use some feed back on how to get it right.  I started out good.  I think second one I was slow.  Then heart rate went up i went for speed.  I see that now.  Rob said go easy.  I remembered in my head.  The camera angel is bad for seeing inputs.

I did get better as the day went on.  I plan on having this together this week.  I have to control the fade.  It felt like a "fan" ??  Back and forth.  ?? ( feed ).

I did a couple French roll ups this week.  I keep seeing Rob with his arm back ..It helped.  When I did the french roll up's I had arms back.  Norm is going to be proud one day.

Of course when I brought out the Solus it was time to think about roll up's and lou's.  But I have to get this part down.  I did do a number of nice moves late in second song..with Widow maker.  I'll mark later..

This week I dedicate to learning to hold Fade.  Control it then doing multiple flick flacks.  I often wondered the feel.  I am starting to feel it I said sort like a fan.  I got excited feeling them go a couple times,then forgot to control air.   

Sweat ;;;

New Video (

Title: Re: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: vertigo2u on June 24, 2012, 06:45 AM
I am going to work at flipping it then holding it longer before I try another.  I have some that turned out Great but I didn't post, They were lucky one's.  I have no idea why I thought I had to do this quickly.

Title: Re: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: RobB on June 24, 2012, 07:41 AM
Well, here's what I saw... good input with the first Flic, nose away, good height. Too much input for the Flac, and then the next Flic. The nose went away, but it was allowed to get too high. Try to limit your inputs to just your wrists, and maybe your forearms. Try to keep them even... and keep walking forward while flic'n and flac'n in all but the lowest winds.
Keep the Solus in the bag when working on FlicFlacs. My Solus is terrible at them, while the Widow Maker can do them all day long. From the video, I do wonder how much weight you have in your Widow Maker. Mine didn't come with any weight, and I only put 1 barrel weight (<10gm) on the tail. I noticed with my Solus that the factory weight is quite large, too heavy for me, I think it makes the kite fly wonky. I cut it in half the last time I had it out, and am a little happier with the way it flies. I would say that in general, if you're working on learning any trick, use the Widow Maker. The Solus needs unique specific inputs to do certain tricks right, and could be frustrating to say the least.
I would even say to try the WM without any weight, I think you'll be surprised how nice it Axels & 540s.
Good luck & have FUN !

Title: Re: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: vertigo2u on June 24, 2012, 09:29 AM
Your insight is remarkable.  I was at the store yesterday Saturday.  I was asking Jon question pertaining to weight. If I should fly with out and how much.  A guy named John was there he helped with the trubo bridle with Jon.  He talked about different weight also.  You are so right on.  I was planning on taking the weight out .  Hopefully I'll be flying in a couple hours and I'll video. 

I brought the Solus out for the roll up's.  I get the WM on occasion.  But I have been thinking it may be a weight problem and not me. 

You know I'll be posting.

I'am going to video my inputs ... After watching you I opened my arms up.  Seemed to help right away.  Also I keep my arms next to me ,stand tall and minor inputs for 540's.  I keep your form in mind when I practice.  Smooth, steady, I'll video more.

I think a lot of new flyer's would benefit from watching your videos and seeing how I've copied some of your flying form.  Watching is nice... it's a benefit.  But we newbies need to copy the flying styles of good pilots. It's easy to get sloppy.

I have been flying really well.  Haven't video as much for show.

You can see some slides going be.  Camera was on wrong angle.  I did a lot of it.  Before I got wild I keep thinking go slow and take your time.  It will be my focus for the week.

Slow and easy...

I thank you for your input...   Vertigo out !!!    ;)

Title: Re: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: adx1592 on June 24, 2012, 05:01 PM
Everything Rob said I second. The nose is going to high during the flare (tail is low) and the kite has a hard time compensating for that during flic flacs. Pulling it back into a fade is a pain from that position. Work on keeping the flare exactly parallel to the ground, and nothing more or less, that seems to be the key to the flic flac. Keep working, it'll get there! Hopefully I'll see you guys sometime this summer, things are crazy here!

Title: Re: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: ko on June 24, 2012, 09:49 PM
good advice buuuut, settle down and learn to keep your kite in a steady fade once you can hold a fade anywhere in the window the flic flac is just a bit of timing your moves. At least this worked for me.I like your vids

Title: Re: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: vertigo2u on June 24, 2012, 09:55 PM
Normas my judge I did one the other day I need the video... Thanks buddy.  I wasn't getting the fade to hold long enough.  Now that I can I started to play with it.  Last week is when I did and flic flack,   I tried again and gave it more slack and it flip around .  I am feeling better about moving forward.  Also I want those California finger straps ...

I worked today before winds got crazy again... I am working the Fade.  Not Fade launch.  Much better.  I am thinking about 3/4 more hours of Fade work.  The French Roll is probably going to happen First.  Probably as I work control. 

Video coming.  Thanks for the help.

Did some one hear Little Creep-O say some thing.  Like "... How do you want your burger?...".

I felt the timing thing the other day.  As it worked some times.  I'd forget what to do next.  But your right control the fade control my nerves.  I listen for Rob's voice.  Slow down it doesn't have to be so fast.   Vertigo <---- adrenalin junkie ...

Music in the field is GREAT.

The Beach is making me a special plug to power the system up.  Generator is back up at places.  Schoolcraft we hock the power supply fromthat building inall the videos.  Music on Wednesday Nites.  I have been putting together new file of songs.  I get the new plug this week to Keep for the summer.  We painted the beach two weeks ago.   

Title: Re: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: PUZZLE on June 24, 2012, 10:10 PM
like the colors on that solus

Title: Re: saw Rob's Video went to work
Post by: vertigo2u on June 25, 2012, 03:57 PM
You teasing old fart you... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Wind was bad yesterday and strong all day.....It's 7:00pm and till blowing hard and gusting...  I am having breakfast at the beach  ...   Been watching film most of the windy day...