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Title: Designer Toy Awards 2013 (Not Kite Related)
Post by: chilese on May 19, 2013, 01:41 AM
Last year, my daughter Shea won

"Fan Favorite" at the Designer Toy Awards.

It meant a lot to her (and me). Several of you helped

by voting for her every day.

Once again, Shea has been nominated. This time in 2 categories.

1 Break-Through Artist

2 Best Resin: Wolfgirl

I am asking for your support.

If you could take 1 minute each day or as often as you think about it

to go to this website: (

After you create an account, you can vote in those 2 categories every day.

You can see Shea's work on her website: (

Her main toy is still Wolfgirl, but she has several other products.

And remember, she is a kiter.  :)

( (

Revs too.
( (http://)

The photo of Shea is the button area for Break-Through Artist

The photo of the white Wolfgirl is the button area for Best Resin: Wolfgirl

Click on the words "CAST YOUR VOTE"

Then on the next screen, click on "CONFIRM".

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