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Title: Widow Maker ul and great wind
Post by: vertigo2u on June 05, 2013, 10:12 AM
The wind was incredible the other night.  The flag was not moving.  You can see "fuzzies" floating by and an occasional bug... I love this Kite in 2 mph wind.  At the ends of one of the videos you can hear the sail popping wind doing Half Axels.  This kite is a sweet heart.  Save your milk money and buy one  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Widow Maker ul.  Flying on the third knot from bottom.  Maybe 2 mph wind... Also I use "Norm's Flight Straps"(aval. at Jon T's)..actually Jon,Devin,Mike,Dave,Joe all fly Norm's Straps.  Ask Jon T love's em'...

WM go in crazy (

Summer Days WMul (

Title: Re: Widow Maker ul and great wind
Post by: alien on June 05, 2013, 10:52 AM
I am so keen to fly after watching that smooth style of yours  8)

Title: Re: Widow Maker ul and great wind
Post by: trigger on June 05, 2013, 02:48 PM
Very nice Joe!  Smooth!

was looking at the ocius sul, but may need to look into the WM

Title: Re: Widow Maker ul and great wind
Post by: Ara Ararauna on June 05, 2013, 11:03 PM
Excellent Joe!

Nice flying!
Very nice right and left 540's in the first video. As well as an excellent rising fade! Beautiful!
And in the second video you even got one AVFFF!
You are really making me green with envy  ;)

One question though.
Now that you have the Aura, how do the two kites compare?
The wind you were flying in is supposedly perfect for the Aura.
Why didn't you bring it out?

Title: Re: Widow Maker ul and great wind
Post by: adx1592 on June 06, 2013, 08:33 AM
Ara... you've been asking a ton of questions about the aura so I figured I'd just jump in here myself.
If you're looking for a UL or SUL, and you're flying the talon UL you really need to probably look into the WM or Solus Comp UL before the auras. The aura 4oz is designed primarily for indoor use with some outdoor stuff in next to NO winds. anything over 3 the kite will become a puller and a tacker first and foremost. Until the bridle is adjusted properly to fit the increasing winds. The WM UL and Solus Comp UL will fly comfortably in the extreme lows (2mph-4mph) ideally (2pt LE, 3pt LS... lite kite) and are bigger kites with more mass, for the tricks the talon will provide, etc. Granted the Talon is much heavier (with more mass, for faster tricks that are handed out easily). This is fine and for the place it's made in, its perfect. Not ideal for us as inland flyers though who need something lighter to keep up with the ever changing crappy winds that literally just die at the drop of a pin. Long story short they're two completely different kites. Not even close haha. The WM/Solus series are full sized kites, like the talon, that have a low wind range below the Talon because of the light framing and more mass to do tricks because of their size. The aura is a 4 or 5 oz kite that requires a ton of finesse for super light winds and indoor use making the kite ideal in .5mph. Granted with a small kite and a small frame (less mass) the tricks don't get handed out as easily. They're all there tho, but it will take time for someone coming from a UL (for our standards inland, more like a heavy 'light' kite, or a light standard) and switching to a kite thats lighter then the PDSUL or the Ocius SUL.

For Joe and the rest of us inland guys, 2mph smooth (which would be more like 3) is perfect for the WM UL. When inland flyers look for a UL kite (most times) they look for a kite that can go down there and fly with next to no movement. SUL is even lighter.

Quick summary!

Aura- small, used for winds (much) lighter then the ones in the video to still enjoy flying. A good kite (4oz) for indoor-2mph ideally to fly and trick when the winds are next to nothing. Smaller kite=less mass=slower tricks and a bit more work for them. They're all there but it requires more finesse and more time getting to know a truly light kite.

WMUL- Full sized 'inland UL' (more like an SUL talon) for light winds. Perfect in 2-10mph and a true light kite with all the tricks. Full sized kite=more mass=more momentum for tricks. More sail area too for lighter winds. More accessible for beginner flyers as indoor and true SUL kites do feel quite different and require a different touch. A light, buttery/smooth touch (for the most part  :D )

Hope this helps! Feel free to PM any one of us for questions. I know Joes been talking to you a lot about different kites. Anywho I'm off to chicago now but I figured I'd drop something here before I left.

Joe, as always, keep up the improvement. We talked yesterday so there isnt much to say  :D

Title: Re: Widow Maker ul and great wind
Post by: vertigo2u on June 06, 2013, 10:50 AM
Ara,  Devin answered in a technical way, but since you asked me. The answer is different...

The wind was maybe 2 mph.  The Flag was not moving.  I was flying on the third knot from the bottom meaning I had two more adjustments to go if the wind dipped.  You can hear me popping the sail during the Half Axels.  I very well could have flown my Ocius Sul or Ocius Ul. 

My Ocius Sul's are for the days when I want to become... one with the   gentle evening and warm of the summer sunset.  Also for the days or nights my Widow Maker Ul can't do what I was doing.  1-2mph winds...

My Aura is a different kind of Kite all together.  She is a little smaller than my Ocius and has all the flying ability of a Widow Maker.  She likes to track on line.  I watched Devin do a series of tricks with her.  From double 540's AVfff's Jacobs Ladder Cascades actually my mouth was open just watching him fly...  It can do everything.  But as he says inputs are gentle.  With my Ocius Sul  I fly her gently, Now my Widow Maker Ul.. I push her hard... Low wind to high wind....

The Aura only likes 1 mph wind.  Then you have to be careful not to push her...  2mph and I can jump up to my Widow Maker Ul...

Ara, BUY A WIDOW MAKER Ul can't go wrong.  I'll buy it back if you don't like her...   Just pick some nice colors....   :D :D :D :D :D :D

She will teach you things and help you learn the things you knew better... 


Title: Re: Widow Maker ul and great wind
Post by: RobB on June 06, 2013, 11:58 AM
Joe, I saw some REALLY nice flying at the end of the first video. It must bring a big smile to your face after a session like that. I'm getting used to my Solus (again) but still kicking myself for not getting the WM UL instead. Ever notice, you hardly ever see them for sale in the classifieds...

Title: Re: Widow Maker ul and great wind
Post by: PUZZLE on June 06, 2013, 07:19 PM
I fly my WM ul the most out of all my kites, cant go wrong with a wm