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 on: July 18, 2014, 03:38 PM 
Started by asburyparkjohn - Last post by asburyparkjohn
As per Ron Gilian place the top of the central spine in first then the bottom of the central spine is pushed FORWARD until it bows slightly (entire central spine) then SECURE the bottom flap which holds this central spine in this bowed position. The 7" top bow and 4" bottom bow are in the directions - but as you say experimentation is required other than more wind more tension (bow) - obviously. Remember - the key point according to Ron there must be good tension in the central spine - this bowing of the central spine is minor of course.


 on: July 18, 2014, 07:49 AM 
Started by Doug S - Last post by asburyparkjohn
The NEW Overpeck Park Area III Ridgefield Park, NJ (Near the Amphitheater)

Incredible field with ~10-12 people flying. I recently bought a new computer and my camera a Canon Sure Shot S2 IS has an error message - needs a USB 3.0 port ... will call Canon tomorrow and post some pics shortly TO SEE IF THIS OLD CAMERA WORKS ... IT COULD JUST BE THE USB CABLE FROM CAMERA TO NEW COMPUTER ... bottom line ... I found a new field ALMOST like the Beach ... 40 acres ... SMOOTH ... SUL conditions ... continuously ... great place for an AKA event. Unquestionably ... rest rooms, hotel adjacent to the field, etc ... this is the best INLAND field I ever flew on ... although I don't travel to kite events outside of NJ. BETTER THEAN LIBERTY SP??? ... YES! I DID NOT SAY IT HAS A BETTER BACKDROP  Cheesy. WHY? Perfect winds from the N,E & S. Not sure of West? Maybe a little choppy ... ? Will post pics ASAP.


 on: July 18, 2014, 07:20 AM 
Started by VirtualFreestyle - Last post by VirtualFreestyle
Yes, the VF entry should be from a previously unpublished work and I will update the rules accordingly.

In other news - VF29 results are available at

Prize draw to happen shortly. Smiley

 on: July 18, 2014, 06:33 AM 
Started by qasamm - Last post by np
( though I still can't get it to roll up).
Here is the best job (Krijn of course) I've seen on video flying the Shadow: One pop yo yo @ 3:14

Interestingly, I was reading on one of the German sites that the prototype Shadow did have a 3 point bridle but this was dropped in favour of the turbo bridle on the production models.
Here is an old GWTW post that reflects exactly what you are saying.

Reply author: Ralph
Replied on: 06/19/2006 3:01:23 PM


very interesting experiences!

Being one of the "two extremely skilled freestyle pilots" (thanky you Ricky so very much, but watch my flying and then judge again... ;-)) I would like to commend on the "oversteer". I personaly had never problem with oversteer with the shadow, but maybe the solution is connected with the bridle. We started at first with a common 3-Point bridle but Ralf developed the reversed turbo bridle.
The advantage of the turbo was much more precision, when the wind picks up a little bit. Tracking on straight lines improved so much that I was convinced by the new bridle. But IMO the trade off at the real lower end of the wind range is that the shadow becomes slightly "sluggish". But as stated some times, the Shadow is a light wind kite and not a No-Wind thing. When we planed the first prototypes our starting point was the breeze. I was of the opinion that we had the choice the make a "big" floating kite for real NO-Wind-days (this would be a typical old school flyer) or a smaler freestyler for light winds, capable of all new manoveurs. Christoph was able marry these two concepts to a certain degree. But never the less physics can not be fooled and freestyle tricks need some momentum. Momentum need weight and weigth makes flying impossible when there is no wind.
So from this point "be freestyle" at 1 or 2 mph, and go drink a beer when the wind dies completely ;-)

PS. The Yoyo-stopper will fit about 50 cm (measured to the stick) from the nose. I fly the Shadow with no additional weights and yoyos could be achieved easyly with the two pop method.



 on: July 18, 2014, 06:16 AM 
Started by esteveskan - Last post by thief
from one site i saw it looks like the standard are Dynamic 15s and the UL are d12s....and Kent at A Wind of Change should have those on hand.... (hit his link on the right bar)

 on: July 18, 2014, 05:10 AM 
Started by Doug S - Last post by Doug S
Updated NOAA weather prediction for Saturday is partly sunny, with a high near 80 F at 2 pm.  Light and variable winds at 2 to 3 mph in the morning that will shift slowly through the day from north northeast in a clockwise direction to the southeast, while gradually increasing through the day to a high of 9 mph by 5 pm.  I adjusted NOAA's forecast from the zip code to over the Overpeck Park, which is indicating Ridgefield Park, NJ.  The following provides the link.  If you click on the Hourly Weather Chart on the lower right, you will see the hourly chart for the above information.  Through the day, NOAA updates their weather information.

Looks like a great day for a wide range of kites.  ; D  Will try to get to the park by 10 am.



 on: July 18, 2014, 04:43 AM 
Started by esteveskan - Last post by esteveskan
Some help please.  Broke a lower leading edge on my ATM UL.  I can see its a Dynamic rod but not the specific "size".  The spreader retainer was glued at the exact spot that had the identity.  Any help would be appreciated.

 on: July 18, 2014, 04:30 AM 
Started by st3307 - Last post by RobB
I don't know, that's strange. Maybe try using a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. I don't know which Internet Explorer you are using, but IE can cause 'unexpected results' on some websites. Strange that you can post in some areas, and not in others.

 on: July 18, 2014, 04:13 AM 
Started by wagsboyz - Last post by Captainbob
I spent the better part of his afternoon "trying" to fly my Prism Zephyr in the low winds at the field today. Every Time it launches and then slides back to the ground, I get a bit more bugged with the wind range on the Prism site for the Zephyr of 1-17 mph. Despite numerous playing with bridle adjustments, removing weight, removing front spreader, the only thing that will make this kite fly reliably in less than about 3-4 mph, in my opinion,  is a hovercraft strapped to it's back.
Anyway, I finally gave up, packed up, and walked back to my home, and leaning against the front door is a triangular box from Skyburner.. It has to be the Freestylist UL, I have been waiting for. I quickly unboxed it, and took it out of the bag it was in, which is a rugged canvas type bag like my Widow NG came in. I assembled it, which was a piece of cake. Wing tension is the one knot type, quick and easy, and even a separate instruction sheet on how to do the tension properly is included. First thing I noticed is that it has the same Quick bridle adjustment setup that my Widow NG has, which makes tuning the bridle out in the field for different wind conditions a piece of cake, since you can easily change bridle settings and if you don't like the new one, return to the previous setting  in seconds. The Freestylist looks great, and is very well made, and it is in my favorite color which I ordered, "red".
Ok enough of that, back out to the field . Now the wind specs for this kite are 2-12 mph. So now I am anxious to see how it is going to compare to the Zephyr I just finished struggling with. I set the kite up, hooked up a set of 90# 100 ft lines, propped it up for launch and took a quick pre-launch photo. The wind now was varying around 2-4 mph. I pulled the lines back, and the Freestylist shot straight off the ground like a rocket!!!!  Smiley Smiley
No babying it, no having to run back, it just took off and flew straight up like it was on rails.  Spins, stalls, slides, dives, you name it, it just kept flying. Fly a straight line, as straight as an arrow, perfect square turns, nice slides from the edge of the window.  I flew it for about 20 minutes straight, and it just floated and flew, floated and flew. No struggling, or having to run around the field to keep it up.
This kite is a blast.  I was thinking about when I got my Niknak, and the fact that my Prism 4D has been in the hangar ever since.  Now I am wondering what I am going to do with the Zephyr, which I initially bought because of the "1 mph-17 mph" spec, now that I have the Freestylist UL , which I can already see is faster, much smoother, and doesn't need near as much wind as the Zephyr to fly smoothly.  Once the wind reaches the top of the Freestylist UL range of around 10-12 mph, the Widow NG which I also love to fly will come out.
 After I landed, I realized that there was a handwritten note on top of the instruction sheet from Jon T that said he had placed a 10 gram weight in the tail, and I should remove it for "very light wind flying".  All this time, that I was flying it, the weight was still in the tail, I had forgotten to remove it. 
My instant impression of this kite, is that it is like a giant Niknak as far as it's wind capability, but I have a feeling that it is much more trickable than the Niknak. Since I am not into tricks, this is just speculation on my part, but for precision type flying, from what I have seen so far, this kite is a winner. 

As you know by my posts about the Freestylist, I love mine.

This past weekend I had the fortunate oportunity to get some much needed help from a fellow flyer and I am very greatful for the help.  I was successful in doing my first Jacobs Ladder with it and now I better undertand what it takes to trick.  SLack, slack, slack...  I need to move foward to get slack....

I also received a Widow Maker UL which I will deploy as I learn  more with the Freestylist.  The Freestylist in my opinion has ignited a new realm of flying for me that I am having an absolute blast doing. 

I will be perfecting the Jacobs Ladder in the near future and I see many more variations from those moves that I am excited to learn.

What ever it takes to get excited to me is what kiting is all about.  Fly it with or without the weight its not much different, its a blast either way...  Try tricking it will give you a purpose to get out and fly and is alot of fun.  Before you get to entrenched about keeping pressure on the lines try slacking the lines and see what happens.  It's great exercise

Sent you a PM.

 on: July 18, 2014, 02:40 AM 
Started by qasamm - Last post by Hadge
Nice job Norm! The Shadow certainly flies much nicer with the 3 point! ( though I still can't get it to roll up).

Interestingly, I was reading on one of the German sites that the prototype Shadow did have a 3 point bridle but this was dropped in favour of the turbo bridle on the production models.

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