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RulesUser AgreementUsing the Forum
Tweaking your forum profile

Account related settings:
You can hide your email from public view (but not from me).  Unregistered guests cannot see your email in either case.
You can change your password but note this will require another email validation.
You can set a secret question and answer just in case you forget your password (this happened a lot on the old forum)

Forum Profile Information:
Allows you to set your avatar (little photo).  You can either choose one of the lame ones offered (although Chris thinks the Kurt Cobain one is sexy) Link to an avatar you have on line somewhere else or to upload your own.  The max resolution for avatars is set at 100x100 and if not it will re-sized so best to make yours that size or at least square.  Otherwise it throws off the aspect ratio.
If you enter your birthday it will show up on the forum calendar and we can then all embarrass you by wishing you a happy birthday.

Look and Layout Preferences:
There are lots of possibilities here.  A couple that I have activated are not to show avatars and signatures in posts.  This cleans up the look a bit and doesn't add as much clutter.  I turned on the "Return to topics after posting by default" option as I like to go back to the topic I just posted in to catch all the spelling errors I made.  There is an option to turn off new replies made while posting ... great Feature.  How many time have you made a post just to find out that someone just said the exact same thing.  The feature gives you a heads up. I have also turned on "Show most recent personal messages at top" that way if you save your PM's you don;t have to scroll down to see the new one.

Notifications and Email:
Allows you to 'follow' a topic and get email notification when that topic is replied to.

Personal Message Options:
I use the email when I receive a PM feature.  I'll probably turn it off eventually but I am having a hard time remembering to check those.  You can also elect to be notified by pop-up.

One more thing:
If you haven't looked at the help feature give it the once over.  Lot of info there.

New Features

Forum calendar:
Allows you to put upcoming events on the calendar including a link to a post with info.

YouTube Video's:
YouTube videos displayed in your post as easy as copying the url and pasting it in the post window (no other formatting needed.  This feature should allow you to display videos from many different sites but our early experience is that is sort of hit and miss ... but YouTube works like a champ.

PM - Private Message:;page=pm
One of the most requested features for the old forum.  A personal mail box for use between forum members.  Option available to receive email when PM is received.

Allows you to follow a topic and receive an email when there is a post to that topic.  You set that option in the  'additional options' area under the new post window.

Allows you to upload a locally stored image to the forum.  This feature is also available in the 'additional options' area.  You can still link to a photo you have online in the same way you could on the old forum using the img tags.
Word of caution.  All images uploaded reside on our server.  While we have a pretty decent amount of storage it is not infinite (at this point).  As the forum fully comes online and traffic increases it will probably become necessary to remove old stored photos.  I have the option to remove photos by date or size.  Just understand that putting up a photo here is not a permanent storage solution.  As more and more photos are uploaded it will certainly be necessary to get rid of older photos to make room for new ones.

The limits set for attaching images are:
Allowed formats: jpg. gif, png
Max size per image: 100 KB
Max images per post: 3
Max total image size per post: 200 KB
We recommend keeping the size of the image to no more than 640x480
We may remove attachments that are older than 60 days.

Max size for Avatars is 100x100.  If larger it will be resized so for best results it's best to edit them before you upload.
We may remove Avatars from members that have been inactive for over 30 days.

In line editing:
Clicking on the icon in your own post allows you to edit that post quickly.

Check the attitude of the community by starting your own poll.

Customized Forum View:
Edit your profile to tweak the way pages appear (with in reason).;page=profile

Compatibility with Mobile devices:

Swap Meet Feedback (aka SMF Trader):

Before you use it here is some tips that might be helpful ...

You must be a registered user and signed into the forum before you can chat.  Unregistered "guests" can not see the chat.

The link to chat is in the top navigation bar on all forum pages.  The number next to chat, if any, represents the number of members chatting.

To see who is in chat you can scroll to the bottom of the home page and at the very bottom of the Info Center it will show who is chatting.

I would ask that you remain civil and keep it "reasonably" clean, but understand that the rules that apply in the forum don't necessarily apply in chat.  Keep your language appropriate for those that are in the chat room with you.  

The chat area is not moderated unless I am there.

There is a log of the chats but I am the only one with access to those logs.

If you are inactive you will be logged out, so say something.  It is good chat etiquette to say hello when entering and to acknowledge the entrance of new people.  People that enter chat and then just lurk give other chatters the "creeps", so please participate.

Any problems you have can be reported to a Global or Board Moderator or to the Forum Admin (

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