Newport!!!! July 13/14, 2013

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come to Brenton Point this weekend for the annual Newport Kite Festival!!!!


video was from before

Projo Newport Kite Festival takes place this weekend


Wow Thief!
i was forwarding this to a friend who has a vacation home nearby,
and noticed your post was topic # 10,000.


If you make the trip to this event, so will I!
albeit a little less less travel for me.

EDIT: i am retracting the offer. I thought it was Newport OREGON.  :-[


Ha ha ha...didn't you know that everyone in new England thinks that their town is the only one !

See you there Dano ;)


apparently Saturday was on and off again rainstorm deluges.....Sunday was great though!!!
A few pictures there...


Thanks for loading only a few of your best pictures.   I know some people that just load the entire camera card,  ug :D

BTW the crowds were great on Saturday.  Stayed though all the rain.  The kids seem to love the BOL races in the rain.     Oh, and my partner and I did our  pairs routine in one of those rainstorm deluges.  The show must go on.

Shamrocky :)   

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