Scalpel SUL Speedkite
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Got to fly my newest creation today :)

First a few picture together with gawking pilots :) while waiting for the wind to die down ...

Video is in the works.
And videos are uploaded:

Scalpel Kite 2013 07 13 1(1)

Scalpel Kite 2013 07 13 1(2)

Wind is rather on the unsteady side, around 5mph, occasionally higher, occasionally less.
Lines are Liros DC40 at 35m length. So thick of lines mainly to be on the save side in the guests. In more steady winds, i fly it on 20lbs lines at the low end and normal 40lbs.
Thanks for the pics and vids.

There is a suicidal elegance to these kites.
Suicidal elegance?
Its got to dangerous.

Hot kite and videos,thanks ae
Wish i had one to slice up  my skies............ :P

 A kite with Suicidal tendencies... :o
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