Where Can My Co-Worker Find A Traditional Asian Kite?

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My co-worker, Schin, has now entered the world of loving

beautiful kites. The enclosed link will show you the type of

kite she is looking for. This would be a display only kite.



Perhaps I wasn't clear.

Does anyone know where she could buy

one of these kites?

Sent you a PM, John.

Can't help with finding a Wau here short of finding a collector but they tend to donate them to museums. If price isn't an object we have forum friends from the area or have been known to attend festivals there, but shipping would be a challenge and expensive since those kites do not break down.

One World Trading had some Tukals but they were small and had no decoration, no current listing. They do carry Indian Street Fighters and a search of that auction site  for "Chinese kite" will find will find many attractive traditional style kites, nothing as large as a Wau so it would take a few to fill a wall.


Thanks for the inputs.

I've been contacted by a co-GWTW-facebook person with a contact


Sounds like this could be expensive.


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