Fearless Devil Tattoo
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Just came back from Vancouver and Lam personally handed me over the Fearless Devil Tattoo.  I tested flying this kite today and wow, this kite indeed has even a lower wind range than my Fearless SUL.  This kite will fly as long as you can feel the gentle breeze.  Compared to the Fearless SUL, the Tattoo requires a lot less footwork to keep the kite in the air.  At such the low wind, I would imagine anything will not be able to fly but the Tattoo.

Quote from: rudyy on July 21, 2013, 09:30 PM

I tested flying this kite today and wow, this kite indeed has even a lower wind range than my Fearless SUL.

According to the manufacturer the F SUL already has a minimum wind speed of 1 mph, which is less than most people can feel (and anything less than a hot-wire anemometer won't be able to measure properly).

Notwithstanding this you're claiming it goes even lower than 1 mph. Does it go negative perchance ?  :o


Think of it not as 1 mph, it's almost 18 inches/second.

Of course, walking back at 2 mph might help that 1mph wind speed.
I own both ... actually I purchased two Tattoos because its so unique in its flying style in extremely low winds. It's a delicate kite so I do not do many wrap/unwraps with the kite. Maybe one per session and let the wind unwrap it with no pilot pull just a step back. Again the main difference is in the Jacobs Ladder in which you need a slight pull instead of the pop to complete this rotational trick. I basically fade it and do backspin cascades. It's afloater for me ... unquestionably a lower wind window than the TSUL ... some say its the best lowest wind trickster ... but then we get back to what does Europe have similar to the Tattoo? ;) :D ;D. I tried the Double Zero ... NOT EVEN CLOSE as its a typical SUL flyer.
On a rare ocassion I will pull out the Benson Inner Space which mimics in loft to the Tattoo just to give you an idea how little wind the Tattoo requires ... maybe a very slight edge to BIS. I like the BIS for lock in fades and 540's. It's limited to rotational tricks ... of course ... but a great floater. No point given a decimal wind range to the Tattoo ... you simply need to try it and judge for yourself.

I fly my Tattoo with the 3pt spreaders, and it still flies in similar low wind to the HQ Shadow, but in a much more refined trickable way. It will fly in lower wind with the 2pt spreaders, but I reserve my Sea Devil SUL for that kind of wind, and choose to fly the Tattoo in sloppy low wind inland conditions. With the 3pts, it will fly in up to 10mph of wind.
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