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hello gang, first post here and I will say I've been cruising the site here for a while and finding a lot of useful info on this wonderful site you all have here !!  ;D
I'm relatively new to stunt kiting but have seriously caught the bug !! I LOVE the sensation of carving up the sky and feeling the pull of the wind !!
I currently live in Central Florida's East coast near Daytona Beach, I work at a hobby shop which stocks Prism and HQ kites and I currently own a Prism Quantum, nexus and 4D but I'm looking to acquire a kite to take things to another level and grow into and keep for years to come,, of course I could probably get another Prism kite but was thinking of getting something different and I don't really want to spend alot of money, I could get a good deal on a Hypnotist since we stock them but was considering the Skydog kites mainly due to the reviews Ive been reading as well as the price ranges so I was wondering what you experienced members here would recommend, Ive been cruising the sponsor banners to the right and theres alot of great choices in the under $225 range,, what are your thoughts ?
It seems that the Widowmaker is an overwhelming favorite, advise to save for that ? Skydog ? or any other advise would be greatly appreciated !!
Thanks in advance gang !! much appreciated and this site ROCKS !!

I'd also recommend that you get together with other fliers in your area and fly some of their kites. There should be several or at least several kite festivals coming up in a couple of months.
Thank you Todd,, I certainly look forward to doing that, we just had a big festival about 4-6 weeks ago, I missed it cause I had to work  :-[ looking forward to the next one !! I know "try before you buy" is always the best route  ;)
The new Widow NG from premier is awesome! Great deal for the money.
If you work in a HQ shop I would definately say have a good look at the HQ Maestro 2 - It is my current main kite.  It can do pretty much every trick in the book , has a very wind range and is well put together -  At around $170(?) it's a great buy.  It's great straight out of the bag but it can be easily modified to make it even better - it takes about an hour and uses the stock parts.

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