whats up with the Prism forum ??

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I own 3 Prism kites and recently broke a Ferrell ( in the middle of the wing ) on my 4D and was wanting to "apply" at the Prism forum to discuss the replacement procedure, well you need to first "apply" then I was evaluated by "Steve" after my application was evaluated,, I was "DENIED" ???? :-\ HUH ???? I've NEVER been denied from a public forum ????  ::)
anyways that kind of irritated me,, so,,, anyone have any experience replacing an inner wing Ferrell on a 4D ? I would assume the entire top spar needs to be slid out to the bottom of the wing as theres no other way to get it out mid wing

Steve here at this forum has access to all of the Prism parts and kites...so he can get anything you need from him....

The ferrule broke? is the rod still good? is it connected to the upper leading edge or the lower?

to remove the ULE you would slide the LLE rod down until the ULE rod can come out where the lowr spreader connects to the Leading Edge......you will have to loosen up the bridle loops on the ULE to do this and remove the fittings as well....not too bad of a job to do.....

Pictures always help if you can snap them...

Steve Hall:
this should help get your 4D leading edge out ...
the ferrule is glued to the upper leading edge. I have had good luck breaking that bond by dunking it into hot water.  be sure to inspect both upper and lower leading edge for additional damage.

As to the Prism Forum ...
send a short email to: prismsteve@gmail.com and I will be sure to get your registration approved

thank you both for commenting,, very much appreciated guys !!
yes, the Ferrell is attached to the upper leading edge, I assumed because its attached with CA ( super glue) that the bond couldn't be broken without damaging the carbon spar, so I went and ordered both, it wasn't expensive so I figured I'd get both,, it did appear as though the bridal loops and spreaders would need to be removed and wasn't sure how difficult of a procedure that would be,, I'll be attempting the procedure when that parts arrive though, its a fun and fast flying kite  ;) thanks again for your input and I'll be sure to send an email to Steve for approval ,, thanks guys  :)

you just did Steve the owner of this forum out of the kindness of his heart oversees the prism forum, in other words they are one in the same LOL


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