Low wind Rev flying


Hi Guys,
  I looking to learn how to fly a rev 1.5 in inland light winds (2-4 mph). I watched John's video on Rev light wind flying and he makes it look so easy. I was hoping to get more input and advice. My set up would be a Revolution 1.5 Phantom (Icarex sail) with Race Rods and 50# LGP lines. My first question is what size lines would be best to learn with? I'm thinking maybe 75'. also any other advice would be great! Thanks, Mark

My preference for low to light wind revving is 50 footers. Long enough to get some tricks on but still able to muscle it around. I have the Ghost SUL or I might use my B2 on 30's. Both #90 sets.

My usual light wind setup is an SUL, 2 wraps, 50' x 50#, and 15" handles! Close enough to see how the kite reacts, but enough window to be able to fly in a straight line for more than a second or so!!  :D


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