Oh no it finally happened..do i have a problem?
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So it finally happened,after being pretty good at keeping track of things,digging thru my kite bags I found a kite I dont remember buying. :o ???
does this mean i have a problem? ;)
clearly you accidentally picked up a kite I'd left at the field... you can send it back to me any time!
Has happen to me, when I did not fly a kite after I bought it. 

guess I never developed a relationship with it.
Allen Carter:
Yup. Sometimes it goes like:

Hey! I haven't flown that one in years!

Wait, wasn't it a different color back then?

Lee S:
Had a kite once I lost for an entire year in my kite stuff. I was really missing it, too, and then one day I was cleaning up my kite area in the garage, and there it was ;D I think I had looked there 3 or 4 times before, too.

I have "found" kites my wife didn't know I had on many occasions, however. :o  "Oh, you've seen this old red one before, haven't you?"
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