Great service from Prism!

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Just a plug for good service where it's due.

I've just ordered some spares for my recently acquired Prism 4D - just small frame fittings I can't get in the UK. After the initial shock of the Prism shops online system wanting to charge me $35 shipping on $13 worth of parts  ??? an email to Prism confirmed that shipping on small parts is adjusted when the order is put together and it would but considerably less.  Sure enough the all up total with shipping was under $20 and it arrived in the UK today only 8 days after I placed my order...I even got a free pin badge!! ;D

Well done Prism!!

Prism kites are the total package...... 8)
My spares usually arrive in 9-11 days and i am in the boonies in a different hemisphere.
USPS to my door is a bargain considering the price of fuel,time,effort and the fading AU dollar.
Must get all my Bensons before we become a Banana Republic again!

The 4D is my first Prism - Prism tend to take a lot of flack over here especially on the 'sportier' kite forums but the 4D is a very nice package - well made, flies well and come with a really neat case! ( Ok I know I probably paid at least 10 for the case in the overall price, but it is very neat!) So far I'm quite impressed - my email to Prism was answered within the hour ( unlike the UK shop I bought it from who twice failed to answer my emails asking if they stocked spares  :()

Unfortuately the Governments import duties mean that anything from America worth over 40 is hit hard and we end up paying as much in as the Americans pay in $.  That makes something like Zephyr not that much cheaper than a Benson. Lets face it, if you had the choice to buy a Zephyr or pay an extra 40 or so and get a shiney new custom Benson....well you probably only have one choice.

Shame as I'd certainly like to try a couple of others in the Prism range.

Any new Benson shipped to AUS is around $500 making them very special kites.
Prism is Prism and anyone can take the piss out of them,who cares?
I love them,the Ruby 4D and orange Micron live under my drivers seat and are on call 24/7,try that with a more exotic kite,no you dont.

Charles P:
PM Sent to Hadge


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