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Hello, Im new here, and I have been trying to find some good info on stacking some old Rev II's.  Ive been searching the forum, but I thought I'd just lay my situation out, and see what the best ideas are. 

I have 4 Rev II's that are pre 1997 cause they have the old logo.  They have the 2 spar leading edge and verticals that say Revolution Equipped, which i think are 4 wrap (verify?).  They all have rather thick black bridals (stock) but I dont know how strong. 

I've read as much as i can about creating pigtails and link lines, and how to set it all up. 

I need help choosing some bridal line for links and pgtails, a new line set, and possibly a new frame set.  I imagine I will be stacking more, like up to 8 someday, and what weight bridal line I should get. 

Here are my questions:
-Should the link lines be the same or does the front couple bridals need to be stronger for up to 8 rev II's?
-what weight should the bridal line be on the front kite?
-Do the pigtails need to be stronger than the link lines?  Is 200# overkill?
-should the frames be upgraded to stronger in the front kites or lighter in the back kites?
-would I need a heavy lineset like 200# or will 100# flying line (LPG) be suitable for winds 5-15mph?
-would it be better to get a really long set like 120' or would a shorter set work better for the stack?

Thanks for any expert advice!


 Interesting you should bring this up.  I want to do the exact same thing - stack a bunch of old Rev IIs just to see what happens.  I will keep my eye on this thread  . . .

We should swap notes on sail colors too - maybe we can each create better looking stacks by collaborating.  Where are you located?
one of the forum sponsors (A Wind Of Change) carries pre-made stackking line sets for the REvs....
Looks like 4.5' is the right length....

looks like there is a bit of info over on the rev forum: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=stack+Rev+kites#seen
Thanks, but I know there are stacking line kits available that that they should be 4.5', and I am quite familiar with google!  :D  I've been through the Rev forum you listed, but unfortunately, they dont discuss 4- 8 stack of Rev II's, bridle/link line strength, flying line strength, framesets, or any of the other questions I asked!  hehe
at my old shop we stacked rev 2s with 200# line and left the frames as is.....if you go over 10 kites you might think to upgrade the frames...but with solid 5 leg stacking lines the pull will be spread across the kites nicely.

the bridles on the older rev 2s were pretty beefy so i would trust them as is...

line length? your call...how big is your field....
remember to add the length of your stack now to your line length to get an idea of how big of an area you will need...that really depends on where you fly.....

line weight: if you are shooting to fly in above 10mph i would spring for 300# lines...you do not want to get yourself (And stack) into a situation where the lines are not strong enough and one line breaks...then you have a madly flying(?) stack out of control on three lines with you screaming along behind....
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