roku 3 vs Apple TV
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I have several apple products but I'm not married to them. I'm looking to stream movies and TV will most likely never play a game. They are both around the same price wise so I'm wanting to hear of anyone's experiences with either. pro and con.
I've got both, but tend to use the AppleTV, mostly for Netflix and watching movies from iTunes if I want to rent something newer.

Roku is definitely more 'open', but most of the content available beyond Netflix and Amazon Content is useless, at least to me. 

Also, if you have iPads or iPhones, then appleTV is the way to go.  You can just broadcast from the device screen directly to the TV, listen to music, play games, look at pictures, etc on it.

They both work very well and are fairly slick inexpensive devices in my opinion, but overall the appleTV works better.  Because I have totally bought into the apple ecosystem, so appleTV works better for me.

i use the Amazon Prime (free streaming of LOTS of TV and movie as well as the shipping %) channel and the Pandora channel on our roku the most...but the amount of "private" channels offered is amazing......
Allen Carter:
What Tom said.

My 2 cents worth. If I didn't have Apple laptop & iPhone I'd choose streaming box by the GUI. They are quite different.

But I do use Mac OS and iOS devices and the stuff you can do through the iTV is great. Play music. Anything that's on the iPhone from anywhere in the house. You can put up your laptop screen. I enjoy displaying photos and videos that are not on the web this way. Great for looking at maps with more than one person.

You can do all this stuff with other gear, but it's just so easy with this integrated stuff.

The Roku and now the iTV are probably the best home electronics purchases I can remember. They both work great.
Apple TV, there is probably a major upgrade coming this Fall.
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