LOST: Rev Mid-Vent and Rev II


Hi Folks,
Last year at WSIKF I left a Rev mid-vent and a blue & teal Rev 2 in a Prism Zephyr case on the beach.  The mystery ballet was about to start so I left field C and hurried over to Field A to get in on that.  Later that night, the fireworks were happening about the time I realized I had left the kites on the beach.
The next morning after checking lost-n-found, I was told by people on the beach that it was a "kite person" who picked it up.  That was a relief.  With all the preparations for the fireworks that had gone on, I was afraid one of the fireworks guys picked it up.  Alas, no one could recall the name of the person.
A picture of the Mid-Vent is attached and at this link:

I would very much like to be returned to my kites.  If you were the one who picked up my kites, please contact me.  I'll be at WSIKF again this year.
Dave Bradley

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Did you check back with the WSIKF people recently?
Did the bag and the kites have ID on them?
I have a luggage tag on all my bags and all my spars have my name, cell #, and Reward for Return on them.
Hope you find them!

You mention reward.  Okay. 

I'll pay $150 for the return of my kites and case.

And if you were on the beach that morning, and saw the person who picked up my kites talking to John Baressi about them, I'll pay $100 if you point out the person to me.  (When I talked to John that morning, he did not remember who he talked to.)


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