Kite fighting with sport kites?

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Anybody ever intentionally do this??  A battle royale between two fliers, pitting their skills against each other to be the first to clip a towed paper streamer or force a grounding just might be an interesting way to compete.  I am sure everyone has a bag of kites for this kind of flying... I know I have at least three old crummy kites that would otherwise never fly again to use.   :P


Allen Carter:
I've seen pairs routines which looked sort of like that.  :D

Oh, yeah, that was MY pairs routine ::)

Recently, my 9yo son was flying his (my) small Prism foil and I put up my quantum and we began to taunt each other until I knocked him out of the sky. I haven't laughed so hard in the last decade and a half.

just keep in mind the amount of damage than can occur with sticked kites.....
if you did it with soft foils they would fare better with the impacts....

I've thought about that, but it would be like fighting a duel at ten paces with shotguns rather than pistols: very, very messy with lots of senseless destruction.

How about skeet shooting with sport kites? You could release balloons and pop them with a needle on the kite's nose.


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