Virtual Freestyle Round 27
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Dates for this round are...
Start - 16 August.
All videos in by end of 29th Sept.
Scores in by 13 October.

Prizes Include
 -> VF T shirts from Alex B- at least one male and one female.   8) which will be drawn from all entrants
 ->   a Sixth Sense UL sail donated and sewn by Ian P (Honchoboy) which will be drawn from entrants who are new to VF this year
 -> to go with the sail theFA shop (Craig) has offered some half price spars to the winner of the sail so it can be made into a complete kite.
  ;D ;D ;D
Here is the sail you are playing for people...

Comes with a bag, bridle, can be framed as a Std or UL, and if you take up Fractured Axels fantastic offer then ready to go. Winner pays postage as well.

...and only available to those new to VF since the start of 2013. Why this rule? I'm sure there is not just me who has thought "but I don't think I am good enough yet for VF".... But why not? At the end of the day I am going to see it as competing against myself and try for an entry this round (I can't win the sail by the way :() So if this is you I am also describing just go for it, enter, and this Sixth Sense could be yours.

Who just might not be as bad as you think :o

for information about VF and how to enter click here.
 Up to 10 entrys now and we still have the last minute entrys to come  8)  - Last weekend to get your entry done. Closing time is midnight sunday in your own time zone.
20 entrants!  8) 

All the videos can be downloaded in one lump by clicking here

a score sheet with links to individual videos can be downloaded from here

Many thanks to Ian, Alex B and Craig (FA shop) for the prizes.

if the links don't work....
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