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Has anyone here built an Iridium?  If so, what does it fly like?  It's a bit hard to tell from the few small videos on line.

I built one as a favour for someone else, but I never got an opportunity to fly it before handing it over.  He lives about 1000 kms away, so I'm not likely to get my hands on it in the near future either.  Just wondering if it is worth making one for my own use

I have built an Iridium UL and enjoy it very much.  The plans changed slightly in the course of my building process, so I have two holes as options for the standoff placement... that being said, I've only flown it in the most up-to-date configuration. 

The kite is forgiving to my unpolished skill... it is a fine blend of precision and freestyle capability.  Tom (Tpatter) made the kite look quite proficient when he took the lines! He also remarked at that time that he liked it, which lends perhaps a more valid opinion of it's freestyle character than I can give. For me I find that it has a crisp half axel and feels stable in the fade position... these traits are valuable to me as they are the foundation of current learning curve.  As I mentioned, my particular version is the UL and with the often finicky winds where I fly, it tolerates a significant range and can be kept aloft even by my inexperienced hands.  In the lower wind, I find myself practicing old school flat spin tricks than with some of my other kites. 

Hope that gives some insight.  I like the purple one you've posted here... I'll be curious to see what you come up with for your next build.  Here is a pick of the one I built (poor quality from my phone, but it's what I've got at the moment).

Quote from: sugarbaker on August 13, 2013, 07:33 PM

I have built an Iridium UL and enjoy it very much. 

Interestingly, the one I built is the UL version too.

Good to hear the kite is forgiving.  I'm always a bit nervous sending an untested kite to someone.  Also reassuring to hear Tom didn't give it a bad rap.  From the vids he has posted it looks like we have similar tastes in sport kites.

Next build?  Already done.   ;D 

I'm waiting for the right wind to test my latest variation on a design I've been fiddling with for a year or so.  Unfortunately it has been blowing over 15 knots for the past 7 days...sigh!

I have plenty of standards, lights, and ULs so I'm working on a slightly smaller version of one of my standards (about 90%) for those breezier days.  And after trying a Superfly recently, I'm placing the T-piece/lower spreaders higher than I normally would.

... and until I've finished testing, I've made it look like a Magnet.

I missed my mention here earlier.

I do really like the kite - well balanced and easy to do everything right away. 

I even thoroughly enjoyed Stephens restrained use of green icarex!  :)
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