Synchro interest?


so....I had a short discussion with Herb's son.  He is thinking about trying to resurrect the Synchro.....he says that 'they' (?) have all the templates and notes......

I, without knowing much about Lee and who he might work with on this project, wonder how close he can come to his father's masterpiece....

Hum..... sound intriguing.  ::)

Lee S:
dean jordan made a limited number of Millenniums (millenia?) a few years back, most of which appear to be still unsold. For those who don't know, the Millennium was the sister (or brother) kite of the Synchro, similar or same sail, depending on who you ask, and bridle probably a bit different. The frame of it is now Skyshark.  But, very high end old-schoolish indoor/outdoor very ultralight kite, not many takers.

Here's my take on the Synchro. It is a very well made, nice flying VUL kite. Part of the mystique, though, is that it's no longer being made. The construction is impeccable, of course, and Herb's attention to detail borders on OCD. What set it apart from the others for me was the artistry. Aside from the Avia Sport Composites graphics, of which I have seen several, most other kites I've seen are stand-alone individual works. I think I've seen 6 or 7 individual kites, and all have completely different graphics. So, they are really more in the realm of functional art.

So, I gotta ask myself, is Herb's son as much an artist as his dad, or is he just looking to make a little cash?  I'd have to see, before I even considered pulling the trigger. So, I'm not much help.


Allen Carter:
What Lee said.


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