Wolf or Widow.........or Widow Maker?: Wolf update + WSIKF
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I have been out of the kite world for some time and last was active in the 80's using Rainbow six packs, 6' Flexifoil Stacker and a Hawaiian Spin Off.

I took out these kites last week to the Oregon coast and, while still a blast, things have   changed in the stunt kite world!

I have read a ton on this forum and am considering: Premier Wolf, Premier Widow or the big $$$, made in the USA, Widow Maker. I 'think' I can fly my old school kites OK, but this was before all the new tricks I now see on YouTube videos.

Bottom line: Is the Wolf a good kite (for $100 +/-) for me to get back into kiting or should I shell out a little more dough for the Widow or Widow Maker?

I am planing on making it to Long Beach next weekend and will see more options there including the Revolutions


If you're past that crashing stage and were before you took the hiatus, I would certainly look into a higher end kite or a kite like the Widow NG from premier. I prefer the Ocius and the Solus lines myself, but I like the WM line as well. There are also plenty of other good kites out there too for a bit less money then the WMs and a bit more then the Widow NG as well. The flying wings Duende always really interested me as well. Either way you really can't go wrong with Skyburners service and quality. I've been a good friend and Jon and Marieanne since I was 4 years old and they're awesome people that will do what it takes to get the right equipment in your hands and keep you a satisfied flyer.

Good luck with your choice!
I've owned all 3: Wolf, Widow, Widow Maker.

In my experience, the Widow Maker was by far the best of the 3, no question.  The Wolf is just too small, although I liked it for high wind, slap it around flying.  My Widow never flew anywhere near as smoothly, predictably, or in wind as low as the WM.   

This was when the Wolf and W first came out, perhaps they have changed since then.  I'm just saying that I don't think they compare well at all to the WM.
Crescent City:
I agree with TPatter, the skyburner kites all give a lot of value for the money and the WM is many peoples favorite all time kite.  Right now I only have one flyable kite and its the Wolf.  NOT as good as the WM but a third of the price and possibly the toughest most robust kite out there.  Needs nice wind to fly but IMMENSLEY trickable.  I beat my kites up and also let anyone fly them and the wolf is still going....plus its an awesome kite in strong wind. 

So my recommendation.......if you have good coastal wind go for the Wolf or Widow.  If you need an ul spend the money for the Widowmaker and you'll be happy for a long long time.

I live on the coast and have the luxury of lab wind and love my Wolf (thanks Brett!)

Yep, agree with Tom desirability order starting from the best follows the price range

1: Widowmaker
2: Premier Widow
3: Wolf

But it does depend on what you really intend to do. If your serious about learning tricks the Widowmaker is a good kite, if your really want to invest in a good kite even if tricks are not at the top of your list the Widowmaker is still a good investment since it'll fly figures quite well, better then many kites that are designed with tricking as a top priority.

The Premier Widow costs about half the price of the Widowmaker when you take into account that it comes with satisfactory lines where you'll have to buy lines in addition to the Widowmaker. It's very close in design to the Widowmaker using some less expensive materials and off shore construction so it's not as refined as the Widowmaker and gives up a little performance.

If you just want to have fun at the beach or your local park on odd weekends and you have winds above 4-5 MPH regularly then the Wolf is a fun kite. Like Tom, I have a blast with it in higher unruly winds and it has proven itself to be near bulletproof having withstood some pretty serious abuse from me in winds I wouldn't fly or enjoy my larger kites in. But unless you have pretty smooth winds above 4 MPH you'll struggle with it at the low end.

Here's a 4th choice, mid price like the Premier Widow - The Skyburner Freestylist at only $170. It has the same excellent craftsmanship found in the Widowmaker being fully made in the USA by the same craftsmen. Sails constructed by Heads Up using a quality Nylon rather then the costly Polyester, then framed & bridled by Jon T the designer. A bit smaller then the Widowmaker or Widow, it uses straight Skyshark spars rather then the more expensive tapered spars but that's how Jon designed it. Like the Widowmaker you'll still need to purchase lines bringing it into the $200 range total cost. I enjoy mine a lot, it has a good wind range going almost as low as the Widowmaker and I'll fly it in higher winds then I enjoy flying my Widowmakers in.

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