Eastside of Lake Washington flying locations needed


Anyone have a good flying field on the east side of lake washington (washington state, east of Seattle... Kirkland, Bellevue area). 

My wife and I are at the end of our lease and moving that direction.  My usual spot is Kite Hill... on the west side of the lake, and I'll probably still go there on occasion, but would like a spot closer to my house in Kirkland.

My wife and I live in Maple Valley, and we've been searching for the same thing for some time.  Haven't yet found a place I'd recommend that offered consistent flying conditions that was easy to get to.  On weekends in particular we suck it up and head down to Chambers Bay near Tacoma since that gets a western exposure to the Puget Sound.  Have had lots of good days there but it's a trek from Kirkland.

Let's both keep trying to find that elusive great spot and report back when we've found it.

Lets fly at the hill again before you move.  I've got another kite for you to try. 

The area along the Sammamish Slough at Sixty Acres soccer fields has good north - south wind flow.  You need to find times that are free of soccer players but when they aren't there it's full of RC flyers.  But always room for a kite flyer.  I've never had an issue with RC planes.
Cams and weather here:

Thanks for the tip Jim.  and of course I'm always on the look out for new places. 

Tom,  we'll find a time to fly before I move.  If not, I still intend on making it to the hill despite the drive. 


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