Ray Bethell

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Flying Fish:
Nice wee piece on the legend.

Love his window HOGGING,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8)
3 kites,two arms?????????????????? ???
I always thought Ray was Australian as he was here so often!

Ca Ike:
I've seen him a few times but yet to meet him. Amazing flyer and and inspiration to some of us that can only hope to be that good with multiple kites. Tonycarl is the next best I know with two :)

Allen Carter:
If you ever meet Ray, use caution on the handshake. Not only is he tremendously strong, he's an Aussie and does the macho thing where if you squeeze he'll squeeze harder. It's like you'll never get your hand back.  ???

Of course, I haven't shook Ray's had since he was a youthful 75, so ten years later he may not be as strong, but I doubt it. He's an amazing guy.

Quote from: Allen Carter on August 21, 2013, 10:00 AM

If you ever meet Ray, ... he's an Aussie

No he isn't.  He's a long time Canadian resident, although I believe his country of birth was the UK


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