Is the Prism Elixir outdated? Or does it still Dance with the Best of them??

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I wanted to know from the experienced fliers:

Are there Classic Kites that are comparable in ability to modern stunt kites??

The Prism Elixir and the Prism Alien are both some of the more "pitchy" classic kites from the prism line.  From the pilots who have flown those kites, what are your thoughts?  Do they hold they own in todays modern array of tricks??

Thank you for sharing!

The Elixir dances (not with) above the rest of them.

Many have said the same thing in different words here before.

Without resorting to:
  small size
  tail weight
  yoyo stoppers
  stiff frame

The Elixir will do almost every trick to include:
  flying around in a yoyo
  both backspin and barrel roll

Better fliers than I can tell you the very few tricks it won't do.

With it's size and weight, tricks are done a bit more slowly, giving

the fans and pilot a little more time to see what is happening.

In addition it's beautiful, even on an overcast day...

The first time that I flew an Eclipse I was shocked at how easily it tricked.   The kite is certainly more capable than most flyers.

+1 on the Eclipse. Honestly I never clicked with an Elixir and cant barely fly the thing. The other kite that I think is far before its time was the Tika from skyburner. It can do everything I can. 1 pop roll ups aren't a thing but 2 pops work well. The rest it hands out easily.

On the Elixir, some of the smoothest trick flying I've ever seen was John Weldon flyng his Lix, low and slow at kite hill.  JLs, backspins, yoyos, flick flacks, flat spins all just 1-2 feet off the ground.  It doesn't have yoyo stoppers, but you can still fly it around a but before unrolling.

My son Eli can also comete on it.

The sail is much flatter than most kites of today, not to mention the curved LEs, so it has a much different feel than more modern kites now have. 

My opinion is that, while it is capable, you will have to learn how it likes to do things.  With most modern polyvalent kites, you can move from one to the other and most things work fine, the difference being in that the more popular ones have a strength or 2 (or 3) that others don't have. 

Good luck.


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