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Been here three days now, one more to go. Winds are great unless you are a slack line trick enthusiast with old and slow hand speed. Winds are a minimum 15MPH after 8:00 AM and haven't as yet slowed down til after dark.  The sun is out and the temps are warm so it's all good!

Note to onself: Never leave home without a Rev in the bag.   ::)


Thanks for the update Jim.  I couldn't make it this year, so I've been checking facebook for pictures, etc. 

Too bad there is that much wind, but still ok - pull out a vented.   It's been windy here as well - I was flying in a gusty 10-20 last night at the hill.  It's a popular place at the end of summer! 

I flew until dark and must have had 20 other picnickers watching the sun set.  A few more weeks, and it will start getting colder again.

IQuad is having no problems and they are expecting to go for the new world record of one hundred in a mega fly later this week. I pulled out the Fearless Vent yesterday with stand-off brakes on it and couldn't pull off any more then two rungs of the JL before hitting the center of the window.  I can't run 17 mph (never could) so my three MPH wasn't much good.  I've seen Lam put it down in the center of the window in 28MPH..............I can do it in five, but not much more.

Gotta get back out there and see if I can't break something ???

Just got into town, will be at the beach this afternoon.
Probably won't be able to post pics until I get home, the wifi speeds here reminds of my old US Robotics 14.4 Sportster modem.

The latest weather report has winds tomorrow between 6 and 10mph.  Looks good to me!


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