Dogs allowed at WSIKF?

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  are dogs allowed on the grounds at WSIKF? We are bringing our German shepherd.I don't mean inside the ropes but we want to bring the dog so he can play in the water..I can't find ay info on dogs.Pretty sure I have seen them before there.


They have to be leashed. 

Once I was told my dog was not allowed on the beach, but it seems pretty laid back.  You will see many dogs on the approach and in town for sure. 

I always have mine and keep her on a leash.  In the evenings when few are around, I let her run.  Also, there is a lot of beach, so it's not hard to find a more secluded spot if you want to have the dog run. 


Of course, my dog is a 20 pound pug who looks like a muppet.  :)

Not very intimidating to nearly anyone.

It's gets hot at times.  I saw someone last year who kept their dogs (and kites) staked to a tent where they could sleep and also guard what looked like a fairly full kite bag. 

They were nice enough allow me to store my bag there when I wasn't around, so I brought the dogs back a few treats. 

You make all kinds of new friends at WSIKF.  :)


Unless things have changed since 2011, the event was listed as [url=]pet friendly[/url]

The general rules for the beach are listed as:

Leash laws are not typically enforced on the beach, provided dogs are controlled and well-behaved. However, be aware that there is an 8-foot leash law here in Pacific County and also within the city limits of Long Beach and Ilwaco, and Washington State Parks with accompanying fines if Rover gives reason for the laws to be enforced.

Of course, any dogs without the best of manners should be properly restrained wherever they go, owners should clean up after Fifi or Fido (yes, even on the beach!), and everyone should be aware that the hard pack part of our beach is a State Highway.

Err a little bit further on the side of caution due to the addition influx of people.




Thanks we will be bringing the dog.He is well mannered and well trained so it will not be a problem.We will find a secluded area of the beach to let him play at..

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