Fall Fly at TI


Join us October 19-20th in Treasure Island, Florida!

Presented by Windworks: The proceeds from the festival will go to the Secrets of The Sea Marine Exploration Center and Aquarium.
The proceeds from the festival is an investment in marine education for the local community. Please be a part of our mission to enhance the publicís understanding of the value and fragility of the local and global marine environment through research, education and personal experiences.

The Secrets of the Sea Aquarium is relocating to Johnís Pass Village in Madeira Beach, Florida, and is scheduled to open in November 2013.
Demos, lessons and other fun activities will take place at the Festival.

A new event for the Eastern League this year will be the Fall Fly at TI Regional Sport Kite Competition; an educational competition to learn from and prepare for American Kite Flyers Association and Eastern League Sport Kite League Competitions. This event is open to flyers of all ages and skill levels and features a novice flying clinic for new competitors, pairing each novice flyer with a experienced or masters level flyer to teach basic level skills, landings, and even some introductory tricks.

The Fall Fly at TI isnít just about Sport Kites, however . ALL KITE FLYERS are encouraged and welcome to attend. Bring big kites,small kites, Kite Photography rigs,bring your single line kites, bring your revs, bring your sport kites, bring banners and ground displays thereís a place for everyone at The Fall Fly at TI !! Treasure Island is one of the best places to fly on the East Coast, with huge white sandy beaches, consistent winds and stunning sunsets. Treasure Island Beaches are perfectly suited for night kite flying, so bring your illuminated kites as well and lets light up the night sky! For more information contact WINDWORKS at 727-320-9463 or email boomerr5@msn.com

Thunderbird Beach Resort will be offering special room rates (1-866-307-2228).

Online Registration is now available for Fall Fly at TI: http://easternleague.net/fallfly

Our first raffle for Fall Fly at TI is now underway!  Our incredible friends at Flying Smiles Kites have donated a set of Quadline competition lines (120' x 100# Shanti Skybond) to go to one lucky supporter of the event.

Tickets are just $4.00 each (max of 10 per person, please) and a total of only 40 tickets will be sold.  This is a great chance to pick up a competition lineset for just a fraction of the cost! 

If you're a dual-line flyer, you've got two choices:  you can wait for our next raffle for a dual-line set of 120'x100#, or support this raffle and take the set apart to get TWO dual line sets instead of one quadline set!

Visit our donation page for all the details: http://easternleague.net/events/1011/donate

Fall Fly at TI Registration closes this Sunday, October 13th!

If you haven't yet signed up, head over to the Eastern League website and register today!



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