Solus UL- COMP


Well we only got to record a little bit on the kite in 1 day, as weather cooperating with 3 peoples schedules all summer was really hard to coordinate, but here it is. Sorry its so late, orientation and testing weeks for grad school have been beyond crazy. Enjoy guys!

Solus Comp UL

If you are one a mobile device, this URL will allow you to watch the movie.

Excellent flying Devin. :)
You take a couple months off and fly better than I can if I flew every day for 20 years.  :'( 

Glad to see you have not lost it. I never had it.  :D

Thanks for the video.

Oh Yeah,that hit the spot man,after my week of hell (YES PLEASE!) the weeks end begins!


Thanks for the hot video adx,i cannot wait to fly ............. ;D



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