Stuntkite suggestions to learn tricks (... when you already know how to fly)

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Hi! I'm new to this forum!
(sorry if I do some english mistakes.. i usually speak french!)

I would like some suggestions/opinions for a stuntkite to learn tricks...
and wich could be my main kite for a long period of time.

I begun flying stuntkites 2 years ago. I didn't have quite the time to practice but now I'd like to practice more and get better in doing tricks.
For now, i'd say I manage well the basics of flying. And I can do tight 90 degree and 180 degree turns.
I'm starting to do some nice lazy susan... and some sketchy half axel, axel, fade, yoyo.
But with the kites I own (all recommended by one guy in my only kiteshop in my town), I'd say I'm kind of struggling a bit and I'm thinking of getting a new kite to practice with maybe more ease... unless you believe all I need is practice with the kites I have.

Where I live (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), the winds are usually a bit unstable and between 6-12 mph... approximately.

I have a "R-Sky - Frenezy" (evolution), wich was the first stuntkite I bought. (it was used and I got a nice deal on it).
It's kind of fast for me and I tend to overturn. And in lighter winds, it's a bit heavy.
But it flies well in 12-15mph wind range and It feels very solid and it's not afraid of gusts of wind of around 25 mph.
Overall, I like this kite... but I think it's a bit too fast to begin learning tricks.

After this one, I got a "Flying Wings - Air Wave" for lighter winds... But it's very noisy and feels very fragile. I broke a few lower spreaders in little gusts of wind. Overall, after 2 summers with it, I don't really like this kite because I feel I will brake it if I try to do some tricks with it. Maybe I'm just a bit too rough or maybe I didn't manage to fly it in it's best wind range.

Also, I wanted a zero wind kite, so I got a "Flying Wings - Air Wave Zero". I only flew it a few times and I think I like this kite when there's just a tiny bit of wind.

So now,
I'm looking for a 3-20 mph wind range kite, because in late afternoon, the wind tends to fade out... and when the wind is around 12-15 mph, there's usually some 18-20 gusts of wind.
I'd be ready to spend around 175$-275$... more or less.
I would like this kite to be my main kite for a long time...
or at least until I can master (kind of...) many tricks at a point I would feel a bit limited with the kite and would like to invest more in a higher end kite and be able to notice and appreciate the feel of a high end kite.

My friend have a "Skyburner - Ocius" and he really likes it. I just flew it a few times a while ago and it seems a really nice kite.
It's not too fast, it flies well in lower winds and is solid enough for higher winds.

Reading a few forums including this one, I have heared about
"Prism - E3",
"Prism - Quantum Pro",
"Eolo - Over",
"HQ - Shadow",
"Skyburner - Widow Maker"
some classics like "Jest Of Eve - Talon" and "R-Sky - Nirvana"
... and many other kites that complicates the task of choosing a kite!

I think I would tend for a "Prism - E3" or "Eolo - Over".
But I'm not sure if my kiteshop could get Eolo kites...
and I've read mixed reviews about Prism... some say they make really good kites and not too expensive... and have only good words for E3 and quantum Pro...
And some others say Prism kites are too much mass produced and it's better to go with some other high end companies like Skyburner, R-Sky, Premier, Atelier, Level One, for examples.. only to name a few.

So since the choice is sooo vast... what would you suggest?

Thanks for your time and opinions!

Hi would suggest the widowmaker if you don't mind the look.

It's a good kite to learn tricks. Standard size,  slow,  precise enough and does almost everthing. Frame in tough Skyshark nitros.

It has wide wind range and it takes crappy winds well.

The only downside is its strong pull in high winds.


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I always give this advice. 

Find a kite that you like the 'looks of' when tricking or flying and flown by an 'expert'.  Buy it, and learn to do what they are doing. 

Of course, if you can find more video of more flyers doing what you want to do, then the confidence level in the kite (in adidition to the flyer) goes up!  :)

Good luck.

Sadly, there are few easy answers.  I know people I fly with who swear by a kite that I would prefer reading blogs about flying to actually flying! 

I vote Widowmaker.  Love mine!

Quote from: Gamelord on August 26, 2013, 10:11 PM

I vote Widowmaker.  Love mine!

Gamelord is being humble.  He has more that one Widowmaker.  It is a great kite.


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