R-Sky Krystal FX (KFX)... what can you say about it?

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Is there anyone who has a R-Sky Krystal FX (KFX) standard ?

I've read a few reviews about it in french forums, but it doesn't seem to be well known in North America.
So I'd like to know if anybody has one (or tried one at least a few hours)
If so.... what would you have to say about this kite?


searching the forum it looks like they are sold every once in awhile...

there is a writeup on the kite clique http://v2.2.kiteclique.com/r-sky-krystal-fx-retrospective/


one for sale in germany


i believe you have to be a forummember to see this part of the forum



I already saw the review on Kite clique. (think it's the only one in english I've found)

... and regarding the sale on Drachenforum... how could I say this.. hum... My deutsch ist nicht gut!
I didn't understand everything, but I believe it's mainly a description of the kite and it's condition.

.. still looking for different opinions about it...


Quote from: Elvis on August 29, 2013, 09:06 AM
If so.... what would you have to say about this kite?
A good, fun kite that benefits from slipping in stiffer spars. Eminently spankable. Thrashtastic. Have a double espresso before flying or you won't keep up.

A more nuanced review ("I noted some reticence in the early transition phases of cross-axial rotation...."  ::) ) really isn't appropriate for this sort of kite. You put some lines on, chuck it at the sky and bang it about. It'll put a smile on the face of anyone prepared to give it a go.


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