New to the forum, checking for any Bellingham locals?


Hey there-

Took a decade or so hiatus from kites - not sure why  :D

Seems a lot of my stuff has grown legs and left the kite bag, but that's ok.  Picked up a premier widow ng to start learning some new stuff, and it's already a ton of fun!

I saw that Seattle has a large group of flyers, I will definitely have to make it down for a group fly!  I was just curious if there were any folks north of Seattle on the board?  I see a lot of single line flyers at Zuanich park, but have not seen many two/four line folks.  Would love to find some folks, I need to do some in person observing to see how a lot of these tricks are being done!

Have a good one!

Not Bellingham Lake stevens about a hour away fromyou


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