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John Lutter:
Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce you to a kite community project I've been working on.

Through this community project, our hope is to receive hundreds of kite videos of people proclaiming that they fly kites. We will then stitch together these videos to make a promotional video that can then be distributed to generate a renewed interest in kiting and show the diverse and unique personalities that are involved. (here is an example of the type of videos we'd like to receive : http://iflykites.com/what-to-film/)

Please take a look at the website (http://iflykites.com), and consider sending in a video clip to help support the project.

Proclaim to the world, "I Fly Kites!"

I think it's a good idea,, but i only have dual/quads so it won't be as easy :)

John Lutter:
Feel free to pass a pair of dual-lines across the screen.... I'm sure I can figure out a way to mix it in... It's all about showing different ages, genders, and locations.

1st Sunday fly this weekend in Chico, maybe we can get a volunteer or two. I usually only stand BEHIND camera's though.

John Lutter:
Awesome... the more the merrier... :)


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