Every time i turn on my computer to visit this obsessive kite habit thats taken control of all my non-flying hours i get a pop-up that says "jucheck required"
What is it and how can i kill it?
Its not a real problem but more annoying as i dont now how or what it is or how come it keeps popping up and all of my attempts to rid this little pest have failed.
Even more,how did it get in my computer,who is behind this intrusion and what does it do or what is it for?
Ive actually tried to kill it a few times but it comes with no attainable file to recycle?

Did you try Googling?

Java Updater is checking if there a more recent version of Java than the one on your computer

Thanks KaoS,
what wasnt i thinking........ ::)
Oooo and an new Java download to boot!

Make sure to read the fine print, Java often has a few bloated toolbars added on with the default clicks.
Just be sure to deselect everything but Java.


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