540 lazy (so, 1.5 rotations)

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Typically you do this one while doing a JL to add a little spice, most often ending in a fade.

My son does it with a sharp enough input for the lazy to go around 1.5 times by itself, so with a single input.  It looks very natural this way - spin starts fast and slows ending in the kite in the fade position when pulled over.

For some reason, I seem to prefer to do a regular single lazy input and then giving it a slight pop after the first rotation order to get it 1/2 time around again.

So, what do you think?  It works both ways, but I am wondering how most folks do it.

Eli tells me that once I get used to doing one pop, why waste time with 2 pops.   I agree somewhat, but I do like the constant speed rotation that you can get with 2 pops.

Also, I some day have dreams of being able to do the mult lazy the way that Mayet does where he does 2 inputs for a single rotation which seems related to this technique, so I am thinking that by doing it with 2 for 1.5 rotations that I am  working on the 2 for 1 rotation eventually.



I use Eli's technique.

I could do the Twopop-Multilazy, but I think it is really kite-depended. I did it on my Sin. No kites in my bag anymore with a slow Lazy, maybe Bill. Yes, I'll try next time.


Two handed multilazies are very kite dependent in my experience as well.

It is more of a maintanence of tension almost...the off hand input is just a touch.

However, I can only now and again on my XTs achieve anything remotely feeling two handed.

So what do I know. I still don't do it naturally by default.

The latest Atelier video has another pilot besides Mat doing them amidst beautiful reverses/cyniques. Maybe in their genes?



For this move i like to add all the energy right up front and let the kite spin it off, so with me, one pull.


I like the traditional JL i.e. one pop for half lazy rotation and then back to fade.  I recently also do the exact JL variation, but instead of giving one pop, I give two pops to get 1.5 turns.  It is actually a ML manauevers incorporated into JL.


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