I need a low wind kite

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Ok, so ever sense I got my starter kite wind doesn't exist. What a surprise right? I was going to get a premier widow next, and will probably still get one but I want to fly. So, I'm looking for some input on a good low wind 2+ mph kite. I want a good trick kite and would like to stay at $220 or less.  I have read that the prism 4d is a good low cost kite, so that's a good option but I would like something larger. Prism zephyr has caught my eye a few times. Others I have looked at would be sky burner ocius ul. Any advice would be great, thanks


I'm really happy with my Ocius UL. I wish Premier made a UL Widow. Since they don't, consider a UL widow maker, if you can find a deal on a used one. Ive flown one and they're great. I've heard good things about the HQ Shadow but haven't had a chance to fly one.


well, they are all good kites.

I have the 4d, ocius sul and zephyr.

the 4d is nice for the price, it is very twitchy and not at all like flying a normal sized kite. The case it comes in is awesome and it does have it's place.

The Zephyr is my go to kite 70percent of the time. If the winds are too high i am flying a vented Rev.  The Z can stay in the air pretty easy at 4-5mph, but below that takes some technique that a newb may not have yet(i've been flying 1 year and it's work)

The Ocius SUL is wonderful in a breath of air. It launches and performs like a standard kite just stepping backwards. A slightly more gentle touch is required but not at all like the 4d. I"ve been able to do all my tricks(about 5 :) ) easily with only slight input differences. I'd use this kit up to about 6-7mph.  I have done a couple 360's with it when the wind drops out completely.

People may say you can fly anything in low wind with the right technique, when your starting out it's nice to just be in the air. I don't like being discouraged so early in the game.  Light wind technique will come in time.

EDIT!  All that being said... the Zephyr has really held up to a beating!  SO has the 4d!  I only broke the 4d after nose diving into a fence in a 10mph gust!  For the price the 4d will keep you in the air reliably until your past the CRASH stages.  It'd hurt to destroy an Ocius after a couple bad crashes

good luck


The Shadow is an excellent kite, and well under the price limit you have mentioned.  I think you will be totally thrilled with it.

Just a note on the Shadow....I normally adjust the tow point up about an inch from the factory settings.


I own the Shadow, Freestylist and Zephyr and have flown the Ocius and 4d.  Here is a quick review form my experience.

I would also add the Freestylist UL to the list. IMHO it is a better kite for a beginner that the Ocius.  The Ocius is a pure trick machine designed for the advanced flyer.  When you develop those skills is it a great kite to show them off.  The Freestylist is designed for the intermediate flyer, very easy to fly and makes it predicable to learn tricks on.

I would avoid the 4D.  Small twitchy nasty little kite.  It's a kite that is inexpensive and will fly in a large wind range, but won't teach you much.  I have always found it frustrating to fly. Fast, quick, and twitchy combined with a overly flexable frame and no mass do not make for a trickable kite.  Anything else is my bag is a joy to fly compared to this guy.  Flying Wings Airwave Zero is a Cadillac compared to the 4D. If you all looking for very low wind performance in the same price range. The Airwave is stable, very trickable and holds a remarkable fade for a small kite. 

The Shadow is a stunning kite. Flies in very low wind. Very trickable, In between the Freestylist and Ocius for control IMHO. 

Zephyr is the best stunt kite Prisim makes. But is more of a light standard. (it need a little more wind, that the UL above.)  This is not a design flaw, but a kite that can preform like a normal standard kite in lighter winds.  This is a full size kite and also easy to fly.  Very good choice if it meets your wind conditions.

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