Flying on the Edge!
Ara Ararauna:
This summer I spent a week in the Netherlands with my family.
I only took with me my Talon UL since I could not load my luggage much more. So I decided to take the one that I thought could give me more chances of flying.
In the end I had very little time for flying since we did so many things and visited so many places of the beautiful country.

I only got the chance of flying one day at a beach we visited in Bloemendaal aan zee:
Unfortunately the wind was so strong I could barely control the kite.
I was really scared of breaking the Talon UL but I just could not miss the opportunity   :)

So I was metaphorically flying on the edge of the kite and literally on the edge of the window to try to have the least wind possible!   ::)

Here's the short video where I was mostly trying slots. Funny how the wind makes the kite perform the slot moving backwards!

Flying on the Edge! (... of the window)

After about 30 minutes of flying a police car came up to me and told me that there was a special area of the beach for kite flying. That I should move North 200m.
I thought that was an amazing thing. Beaches with specially defined areas for flying kites!
That is indeed a civilized and organized country!  :)

At that point I was already so tired I just packed away but I really had some nice fun and can now say I have flown in the Netherlands  :D  ;D  8)

Flying in crazy winds weather its high or low will totally make you a better flyer. Props for giving it a shot :) It's pretty fun sometimes! Enjoy and keep it up!

impressive flying in high wind conditions.
poor talon...

the slotmachines end 5meters sideways, funny

i've flown some kites in the netherlands, great beaches  ;D
Ara Ararauna:
Quote from: Krijn on September 08, 2013, 06:41 AM

i've flown some kites in the netherlands, great beaches  ;D

Really?!  :D
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